A List of Every IP Address Used by Google 2022


As one of the world's largest internet companies, Google occupies a sizable amount of public IP address space. The many different Google IP addresses support searches and other internet services such as the company's DNS servers.

IP Addresses Used by Google

​Like many popular websites, Google uses many different servers to handle incoming requests to its website and services.

Derek Abella / Ach5 IP Address Ranges

Google uses the following public IP address ranges: – – – – – – – - - - - - -


2001:4860:4000:0:0:0:0:0 - 2001:4860:4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff2404:6800:4000:0:0:0:0:0 - 2404:6800:4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff2607:f8b0:4000:0:0:0:0:0 - 2607:f8b0:4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff2800:3f0:4000:0:0:0:0:0 - 2800:3f0:4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff2a00:1450:4000:0:0:0:0:0 - 2a00:1450:4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff2c0f:fb50:4000:0:0:0:0:0 - 2c0f:fb50:4fff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff

Only certain addresses from Google's pool work at any given time depending on how Google chooses to deploy its web server network, which is why a random example above one of these ranges may or may not work for you at a specific time. When you find an IP address that works for you, make a note of it for future use.

Any or all of these IP addresses could change, be repurposed, or even sold by Google at any time. Google could buy new addresses, or shift entirely over to IPv6 at some point, only Google knows for sure what they're using and what their plans are.

Google DNS IP Addresses

Google maintains the IP addresses and as the primary and secondary DNS addresses for Google Public DNS. A network of DNS servers strategically located around the world support queries at these addresses.

Googlebot IP Addresses

Besides serving, some of Google's IP addresses are used by its Googlebot web crawlers.

Website administrators like to monitor when Google's crawler visits their domains. Google does not publish an official list of Googlebot IP addresses but instead recommends users follow these instructions for verifying Googlebot addresses.

Many of the active addresses can be captured from lookups: – – – –

This is not a complete list, and the specific addresses used by Googlebot can change at any time without notice.