A Shopper's Guide to Green Monday 2021


Move over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Green Monday is a popular internet shopping day that falls on the second Monday in December every year, roughly two weeks before Christmas, which is around the cutoff time for many shoppers to make purchases that will ship and arrive before family gatherings and holiday parties.

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How Did Green Monday Start?

Green Monday was named in 2007 by eBay. It was given the name Green Monday because of how much money the site made from last-minute shoppers on the day. That year, it was eBay's biggest sales day of the year.

Green in the name has two meanings. First, it refers to the money that the retailer made that day, it's most profitable of the year. Second, green refers to eBay arguing that it's more environmentally friendly than a brick-and-mortar store; however, all those shipping boxes used to send goods sold from the site might make that claim a bit difficult to defend.

Cyber Monday vs. Green Monday

Some circles call Green Monday "Cyber Monday 2" because of the deals. The retailer Best Buy has described the day as "one of the biggest online shopping events of the year." Like many other retailers, it offers Green Monday deals that are comparable, if not better, than what you might be able to get on Cyber Monday.

The day has never done better than Cyber Monday in sales, but it does run a close second to Cyber Monday.

Where to Find Green Monday Deals

Green Monday deals are all over the web these days, and most larger online retailers will participate. 

For the most part, Green Monday deals are in most of the same places as Cyber Monday bargains. If you miss out on some Cyber Monday savings, then check out the same retailer a few weeks later. You might find the same deal you missed or an even better one.