Change Themes in the Opera Web Browser 2022


Adding and changing the appearance of Opera is a breeze. Modern versions of Opera include support for wallpapers, font configuration, a dark user interface, and more. Older versions of Opera supported themes, but the browser no longer supports dedicated theme files.

These procedures work on all currently supported versions of Opera for Windows and Mac. Instructions might vary slightly between the two. This process was tested using Opera version 71 in macOS.

Enable Wallpapers

Wallpaper appears in the back of certain default browser tabs. To enable and customize this feature:

Click the gear icon at the bottom of the left menu to open Preferences (macOS) or Settings (Windows).

Alternatively, use the Alt+P keyboard shortcut on Windows or the Cmd+, (comma) shortcut on macOS.

Turn on the Enable wallpapers toggle switch to allow for a background image.

Choose a wallpaper from the list, select Add your wallpaper to upload an image, or select Get more wallpapers to visit the Opera add-ons site.

Appearance Customizations

Opera allows other ways to change its appearance:

Turn on the Enable dark theme or Show bookmarks bar toggle switches.Select the Font size drop-down menu to change the font size of the application.Select Customize fonts to change the fonts the browser uses. Choose from a standard system font as well as options for serif, sans-serif, and fixed-width fonts, as websites specify.Select the Page zoom drop-down arrow to adjust the page magnification.Tell Opera to highlight links and form fields when you press Tab.

Sidebar Customization

The sidebar on the left edge of the browser includes a handful of stock elements. Use the toggle switches to show or hide the sidebar and elements and to show or hide notification badges for each of those elements.

In Settings, select Manage Sidebar.

Choose the items you'd like to see in the sidebar.