Chivalry 2 Promises a Return to Intense First-Person Gameplay 2021


Key Takeaways

Chivalry 2 will bring chaotic first-person melee combat to the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.The game will feature cross-platform play through all versions, allowing even more players to team up and go head-to-head.Servers will support up to 64 players, ensuring massive, chaotic battles that fans are sure to remember long after they conclude. Torn Banner Studios

Almost nine years after the release of the original Chivalry, fans soon will be able to jump into Chivalry 2, which promises bigger and nastier battles when it arrives this June.

When Chivalry released in 2012, it took the world by storm, pulling in big streamers like Lirik, as well as everyday gamers. The brutal and meaty combat, which offered a depth all its own, was addictive and challenging, bringing something entirely new to the table. It was a multiplayer game that allowed players to dive in and experience intense battles and castle sieges, all without ever having to leave your house.

Now, as developer Torn Banner prepares for the June release of Chivalry 2, it's hard to not be excited about the next chapter of this chaotic medieval fighter, especially when digging deeper into what the studio has planned.

Storming Castles

One of the most notable aspects about Chivalry 2, and something the previous game did well, is the large player count. By cramming 64 players into each map, Torn Banner is giving players a ton of room to explore and create their own scenarios within the larger battlefield. This ensures that large maps feel alive and players constantly are running into smaller skirmishes as they move around, and it helps create a unique experience for every match, which could prolong the game's lifespan after release. 

Chivalry 2 also looks to build off the same class system introduced in the first game. Players can take on the role of swordsmen, knights with more armor, and archers able to strike from afar, but who may perform poorly if forced into personal combat.

Torn Banner Studios

Each class offers a unique playstyle, and combat, itself, is very skill-based, forcing players to learn the weaknesses of each enemy type they encounter. Swordsmen may be quicker, but when faced with higher-damage-yielding weapons like battleaxes, they'll need to parry or evade and whittle away their opponent's health. Slower, more armored enemies can take more hits, but they'll have to time their blows just right if they actually want to do any damage.

Combining the brutal combat, where sword hits feel meaty, and these large 64-player battle scenarios, creates a cacophony of chaos that seeks to hold your attention for hours.

Another key perk in Chivalry 2 is the inclusion of cross-platform play. Though it has become a normal feature in game releases these days, knowing players can team up with others no matter which console they're on is a huge relief. This should help negate long matchmaking times, something that often plagued the original PC version due to its niche release.

Come Together

Set 20 years after the events of the first game—which focused on a civil war in the kingdom of Agatha—Chivalry 2 continues the story, as the Mason Order and the Agatha Knights work to gain control of the country. Torn Banner also has promised a slew of fixes for issues that once plagued the original game, as well as improvements to how the combat system works, overall. 

If the developers can dig deeper into this story and combine it with the combat that made the original such an enjoyable experience, then we could be looking at a true return to form. Though games like For Honor have tried to replicate the gory and challenging combat of Chivalry, none ever have captured it as well as Torn Banner did in 2012.

Now, with Chivalry 2, the studio has a perfect chance to reignite the love players had for the original, all while adding some much-needed improvements that fans have waited years to enjoy.