Downhill Domination PS2 Cheat Codes 2022


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Downhill Domination is a bike racing game for PlayStation 2 that includes combat elements. In addition to unlockable bikes and riders, there are cheat codes for Downhill Domination that allow you to defy gravity and crush the competition.

These Downhill Domination cheats are specifically for the PS2 version.

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Downhill Domination PS2 Cheat Codes

Enter the cheats codes with the PS2 controller at any time during gameplay. You must enter the Primary Code before you can activate other cheats.

Cheat CodeEffectUp, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right, SquarePrimary CodeRight, Triangle, Triangle, LeftGet $2,000 instantlyDown, Left, Left, RightAdrenaline boostDown, Square, Square, Left, CircleAlways stokedDown, Triangle, Square, Square, UpEnable anti-gravityLeft, Square, Circle, Square, LeftEnable combat-free modeUp, Down, Left, Left, RightCombat upgradeDown, Right, Right, Left, LeftRestore energyRight, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, SquareFree moneyUp, X, Left, Left, Circle, CircleInfinite bottlesRight, Up, Up, Right, Right, SquareMega flipDown, Triangle, Right, Right, SquareSpeed freakDown, Left, Left, Right, RightStoke trick meterLeft, Square, X, Up, TriangleSuper bounceUp, X, Left, Square, UpSuper bunny hopDown, Triangle, Left, Left, SquareUnlimited energyUp, Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, DownUnlock everythingUp, Down, Left, Left, Right, RightUpgrade bottle

Cheats only last for the duration of the race, so you must reenter the codes at the start of each track.

Unlock the Secret Tracks

To unlock the three secret levels, you must do all of the following in order:

Complete all levels in Super Career mode and all Specialized Career modes with every character.Create four tournaments with 12 races each, then beat them all with every character.Complete all races in Arcade mode with every character.Complete the Time Trial for every level.

In addition to the extra levels, you'll also unlock the following:

A free fully upgraded ProtobikeMax stats for every bike and riderThe Sheep, Deer, and Llama bikesAll bike upgradesAll bonus purchases

Unlock All Riders in Downhill Domination

You can unlock new characters by completing the game's different modes.

RiderHow to UnlockBrian LopesComplete Mountain Cross Career on Hardcore DifficultyDrudComplete Freestyle ModeEric "E.C." CarterComplete Mountain Cross CareerKineticlopsGet for $50,000 Cash-In Bonus PurchasesMissy "Missile" GloveComplete Technical Downhill CareerRakelComplete Super Career using any two ridersRichie SchleyComplete Freeride Race CareerTara LianesComplete Arcade Mode

When you complete a career mode event with a rider, you'll unlock a video for that character in the Options menu.

Downhill Domination PS2 Tricks

You can perform these tricks while in the air. Press Triangle while executing tricks for extra points:

TrickHow to PerformSupermanPress R1 + L1One LeggerPress R1One HanderPress L1Saran WrapPress L2Can CanPress R1 + R2Candy BarPress R1 + L2Nac NacPress R2 + L1Bar KneelPress R2 + L2Table TopPress L1 + L2SwitchbladePress R1 + R2 + L1Indian AirPress R1 + R2 + L2Cliff HangerPress R1 + L1 + L2ScissorsPress R2 + L1 + L2McmetzPress R1 + R2 + L1 + L2No FooterPress R1 + TriangleBarneyPress R2 + TriangleNo HanderPress L1 + TriangleHeel ClickerPress L2 + TriangleDouble Can CanPress R1 + R2 + TriangleBar HopPress R1 + L1 + TriangleSpread EaglePress R1 + L2 + TriangleTobogganPress R2 + L1 + TriangleCorcovaPress R2 + L2 + TriangleLook DownPress L1 + L2 + TriangleHeart AttackPress R1 + R2 + L1 + TriangleWhipped Cat NacPress R1 + R2 + L2 + TriangleLazy BoyPress R1 + L1 + L2 + TriangleAir WalkPress R2 + L1 + L2 + Triangle