Download Free Christmas Music at Amazon 2021


If you're looking for free Christmas music this holiday season, include Amazon in one of your stops. There aren't very many options when downloading free Christmas music on Amazon. Still, you'll find over two dozen free Christmas songs that range from traditional to contemporary.

Amazon Music Unlimited: The Best Option

If you have an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription, it's easily the best way to access tons of free (included in your subscription) holiday music. When it comes to digital content, like music and movies, Amazon has put the majority of its focus on paid streaming subscriptions. As a result, the free music covered in the rest of this article may feel a little lacking.

There are some free songs that you can download from Amazon. However, if you want a diverse playlist for the holidays, Amazon Music Unlimited is the best option.

You can check out the extensive library of holiday songs by going to the Amazon Digital Music department. Pick Holiday from the list of genres along the left side of the page, then choose Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, or another holiday. Check the box at the top for Amazon Music Unlimited, and you'll only see songs you can stream for free with your account.

If you don't feel like browsing, head straight to Amazon Music Unlimited holiday songs.

Where to Find the Free Christmas Music At Amazon

Visit Amazon's free Christmas music section to get a complete list of what's available to download. You can filter the results by artist and customer review with the click of a button.

Downloading the music is legal because Amazon has permission from the artists.

Types of Holiday Songs at Amazon

When you download free Christmas music at Amazon, you'll get a great mix of contemporary and traditional Christmas songs performed by original artists as well as new artists.

The selection of free Christmas and holiday tunes available at Amazon changes monthly during most of the year and daily as the holidays get closer.

How to Download the Music

When you find a song that you're ready to download, click Free on the right side of the page to be directed to the checkout page, where you can place your order for the free Christmas song.

Some of the free Christmas music downloads at Amazon include Mary Did You Know?, Christmas Anthem, This Shutterbug Christmas, Santa Baby, Hallelujah, Drummer Boi in the A, God Rest Ye Storyteller, Merry Christmas Rosa, and Lonely Christmas Anthem.

Another option is to click the cart button next to each song you want so that you can download multiple Christmas songs at once. When you're done, hover the mouse over the button called In MP3 cart, and click it to see the songs you queued up for download.

Click Proceed to checkout when you're ready to get the songs, and then choose Place your order. Just make sure the order total is zero.

The songs accessible through the link above are free to download even though you add them to your cart and have to check out like you would when buying something. It's the same procedure as purchasing something from Amazon, but you don't have to pay anything.

How to Listen to Your Free Amazon Christmas Music

Once you've purchased your free Christmas music, you have a few options of how to listen.

You can listen to music online through the Amazon website, from your computer with the Amazon Music for PC and Mac, and via the Amazon Music mobile app for your phone and other mobile devices.

You can also download the files directly to your computer and listen to them in the music player of your choice. To do that, click Download music from the Digital Orders area of your Amazon order history page.