Download Free Classical Music at Musopen 2023


Musopen is a wonderful website dedicated to providing free classical music downloads to anyone who wants them. These classical pieces are public domain, so it's completely legal to download them.

There's a wide selection. You'll find hundreds of composers and performers using every type of musical instrument imaginable, and sorting makes locating what you're after extremely easy.

In addition to the classical music is a collection of over 100,000 free sheet music PDFs.

How to Find Music at Musopen

You can start your search for free music by selecting Music at the top of the page. From there are several ways to locate downloads.

On the Music page is a list of composers you can sift through if you know which composer created the music you want to download. You can also sort the results by instrument, period, mood, length, rating, and quality.

For example, maybe you're after something played with the cello and you want it to match your sad mood. Adjust the length slider to ensure that it's longer than 5 minutes, and you'll instantly get all of those results.

How to Download Music at Musopen

You'll need to register with Musopen before you can download any of the music. To get the classical music for free, you'll need to sign up for the Musopen Lite account. This lets you get five downloads per day in standard-quality audio. You can pay for the Member account for unlimited downloads, high-quality audio, HD radio, and more.

You can stream the music with the play button from the Music page. Selecting the title takes you to its download page. Choose Download Music to save it. It's that easy!