Glassie's Screen Protector is Stylish but Pricey 2021



When I first came across Glassie's personalized screen protectors, I was instantly intrigued because it's the first product of its kind that I've seen. 

Is the text on top of the screen protector, or underneath it? Will the designs on the screen be 3D? How exactly am I going to be able to see anything on my screen with the light illuminated? These were some questions I was asking myself before actually putting one of Glassie's screen protectors on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. After about 5 minutes, all of the details became clear. 

I don't know if Glassie is actually the world's first personalized screen protector like the company claims, but without a doubt, I've never seen a screen protector with designs on it. This product definitely has potential.  

"I would consider buying this product if I was able to provide my own image to print on the screen protector."

Just Launched This Year

Glassie was co-founded by Neels Visser and Christian Sagert, who officially launched their company on January 25. The pair created a phantom printing technique that allows them to infuse premium double-strength tempered glass screen protectors with custom text or artwork that is visible when your phone is locked, but disappear once your screen is switched on.

"With smartphones being the most used device in the world daily, we were inspired to create something that allowed cell phone users to have a more personalized experience," Visser told Ach5 in a phone interview.

"There are countless brands chasing personalization on the back of the phone, however, no one had yet touched the front of the phone, it was a completely blank canvas and fresh market for us to tap into and add creativity to."

Revive, Glassie's first screen protector collection, was created to empower consumers to express themselves through positive affirmations and quotes.


Visser said his team explored a myriad of directions for screen designs as the company was approaching launch, from recreating memes to collages of emojis. Ultimately, empowerment made the most sense. 

"With everything going on in the world, we felt like we needed hope and a positive inner voice," Visser said. "We landed on an initial offering of designs that are meant to emphasize a new year of growth and self-expression."

The company's screen protectors are compatible with all iPhone 10 through 12 models, which includes 11 different devices. With a ton of interest from Android users, Glassie is hoping to expand its products later this year.

Maybe we'll even see some personalized computer and tablet screen protectors? Glassie's chief creative officer, Cameron Oehlers, said that could be possible with some further research. 

Worth It?

While I was impressed by Glassie's personalized screen protector, it's not a product I'm dying to have, especially for $39.99 a pop. It's cool, but that price point, alone, is a turnoff.

I would consider buying this product if I was able to provide my own image to print on the screen protector. Glassie doesn't allow this yet, but Sagert said it's in the works and could launch in the next six months. 

When it came to installation, everything was pretty smooth until it came time to get those air bubbles out, which was quite annoying. I spent more time battling air bubbles then I did with any other aspect of the installation process.

Unfortunately, the excess air bubbles do take away from the overall aesthetic of the product, though I enjoy that the screens are lightweight and otherwise virtually unnoticeable. I was worried about the product adding some bulkiness to my phone since I didn't use a screen protector prior, but it didn't. 

My protector has "more self love" spanned across the bottom of it. And while it's true I can't see it when looking at my phone straight on when illuminated, I can see the design when my device is titled a little.

I tried this in my home with natural light, but I have to assume, when I'm looking at my phone at a tilt outside on a very sunny day, that may cause a glare.

All in all, the product is cool, but I'm not convinced it's worth the buy yet. The company is definitely intriguing, since there are not many others out there doing something like this.

Glassie has great potential to scale, especially when users will be able to provide their own images to print on the screen protectors. I will keep the screen protector on for now, with plans to try out the other design that has an astronaut in the middle of it. Now, I'm definitely excited about that one.