Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheat Codes for PC and Mac 2021


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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most controversial games in the GTA series. In addition to the infamous Hot Coffee mod, the PC edition of GTA: San Andreas has cheat codes that change the weather, spawn vehicles, give unlimited ammo, and more.

These cheats are exclusively for the Windows and Mac versions. There are separate cheat codes for GTA: San Andres on PS2 and GTA: San Andreas on Xbox version.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheat Codes

Type the following codes during gameplay to activate the corresponding cheat. Some cheat codes have the same effect, so if one doesn't work, try the alternate code. You'll receive a confirmation message if code entry was successful.

Some of these cheats are irreversible, and many disable achievements, so save your game in a new file before activating cheat codes.

Cheat CodeEffectMUNASEFAdrenaline mode (Slow down time, increase resistance, melee damage, and accuracy when aiming)NIGHTPROWLERAlways midnightXJVSNAJAlways midnightCPKTNWTDestroy all carsALLCARSGOBOOMDestroy all carsASNAEBClear Wanted levelTURNDOWNTHEHEATClear Wanted levelYSOHNULFaster clockSPEEDITUPFaster gameplayPPGWJHTFaster gameplayBTCDBCBMaximum fatOUIQDMWFull weapon aimingBAGOWPGHave a bounty on your headHESOYAMFull health and armor + $250kPROFESSIONALKILLERHitman rank in all weapon statsNCSGDAGHitman rank in all weapon statsOSRBLHHTwo star Wanted levelBUFFMEUPMax muscleQWIOPKBMax muscleWORSHIPMEMax respectIAVENJQMega punchSTINGLIKEABEEMega punchAEDUWNVNever get hungryAEZAKMINever wantedTESTEDUCATIONALSKILLSNo policeOSRBLHHRaise Wanted levelTURNUPTHEHEATRaise Wanted levelBRINGITONSix star Wanted LevelKVGYZQKMinimum fat and muscleSLOWITDOWNSlower gameplayLIYOAAYSlower gameplayBAGUVIXUnlimited health (doesn't protect against drowning, falling, police helicopter gunfire, or explosions)CAINEMVHZCUnlimited health (doesn't protect against drowning, falling, police helicopter gunfire, or explosions)CVWKXAMUnlimited oxygen

GTA: San Andreas Vehicle and Item Cheats

Cheat CodeEffectJCNRUADInvincible vehicleYECGAAEquip jetpackAIYPWZQPEquip parachuteCJPHONEHOMEBike super jumpKANGAROOBike super jumpWHEELSONLYPLEASEInvisible carNATURALTALENTMax all vehicle skill statsSTICKLIKEGLUEPerfect handlingRZHSUEWSpawn CaddyITSALLBULLSpawn DozerEEGCYXTSpawn DozerOHDUDESpawn HunterJUMPJETSpawn HydraMONSTERMASHSpawn MonsterAGBDLCIDSpawn MonsterAKJJYGLCSpawn QuadFOURWHEELFUNSpawn QuadPDNEJOHSpawn RacecarVPJTQWVSpawn RacecarVROCKPOKEYSpawn RacecarJQNTDMHSpawn RancherAIWPRTONSpawn RhinoWHERESTHEFUNERALSpawn RomeroAQTBCODXSpawn RomeroCELEBRITYSTATUSSpawn StretchKRIJEBRSpawn StretchFLYINGTOSTUNTSpawn Stunt PlaneAMOMHRERSpawn Tanker TruckTRUEGRIMESpawn TrashmasterKGGGDKPSpawn Vortex HovercraftLXGIWYLGet baseball bat, brass knuckles, 9mm shotgun, Micro SMG, rocket launcher, spray paint, rifle, and moreTHUGSARMOURYGet baseball bat, brass knuckles, 9mm shotgun, Micro SMG, rocket launcher, spray paint, rifle, and AK-47PROFESSIONALSKITGet knife, desert eagle, sawn-off shotgun, fire extinguisher, and moreKJKSZPJGet knife, desert eagle, sawn-off shotgun, fire extinguisher, and moreUZUMYMWGet a chainsaw, silenced 9mm, SPAS 12, MP5, M4 carbine, heat-seeking rocket launcher, and more

GTA: San Andreas Traffic and Pedestrian Cheats

Cheat CodeEffectYLTEICZAggressive driversSPEEDFREAKAll cars have nitroZEIIVGAll green lightsIOWDLACAll black carsPAINTITBLACKAll black carsFLYINGFISHFlying boatsAFSNMSMWFlying boatsBUBBLECARSCars float away on collisionBSXSGGCCars float away on collisionRIPAZHAFlying carsBLUESUEDESHOESElvis is everywhereASBHGRBElvis is everywhereFOOOXFTEveryone is armedCRAZYTOWNFunhouse themePRIEBJFunhouse themeCIKGCGXBeach themeONLYHOMIESALLOWEDGang members everywhereMROEMZHGang members everywhereBIFBUZZGang members everywhereNINJATOWNNinja themeAFPHULTLNinja themeTESTEDUCATIONALSKILLSNo policeSJMAHPERecruit anyone with a 9mmROCKETMAYHEMRecruit anyone with rocketsGHOSTTOWNReduced trafficIOJUFZNPedestrians riotSTATEOFEMERGENCYPedestrians riotVKYPQCFTaxis have nitrousEVERYONEISPOORAll traffic is cheap carsFVTMNBZAll traffic is country vehiclesBMTPWHRAll traffic is country vehiclesEVERYONEISRICHAll traffic is fast carsFULLCLIPUnlimited ammo for everyone

GTA: San Andreas Weather Cheats

Cheat CodeEffectCFVFGMJFoggy weatherOFVIACOrange skyALNSFMZOOvercast weatherAUIFRVQSRainy weatherCWJXUOCSandstormPLEASANTLYWARMSunny weatherSCOTTISHSUMMERThunderstormMGHXYRMThunderstormTOODAMNHOTVery sunny weatherICIKPYHVery sunny weather