Guitar Hero 3 Cheats and Unlockables for Nintendo Wii 2021


The Nintendo Wii edition of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock has cheats codes that make the game easier, harder, or just more fun to play. There are also secret characters and instruments that can only be unlocked by getting five stars on every song.

These cheats are for the Nintendo Wii version. There are also cheats for Guitar Hero III on Xbox 360 as well as the PlayStation 2 and PS3 versions.

How to Enter Cheats in Guitar Hero 3 for Wii

Instead of using the Wii remote, enter cheat codes using the guitar-shaped controller that comes packaged with the game. From the Options menu, select Cheats > Enter New Cheat, then strum the required notes. After you unlock a cheat, it can be toggled on and off from the Cheats menu by pressing the Green button.

Guitar Hero 3 Cheat Codes for Wii

These codes below refer to colored buttons on the guitar:

B = BlueY = YellowG = GreenR = RedO = Orange

When entering codes, strum each note or chord as if playing it in a song. When two colors are listed together, such as BY for blue and yellow, both colors must be strummed at the same time.

EffectCheat CodeAir GuitarBY, GY, GY, RB, RB, RY, RY, BY, GY, GY, RB, RB, RY, RY, GY, GY, RY, RYEasy Expert (doesn't work in Career Mode)GR, GY, YB, RB, BO, YO, RY, RBHyperspeedO, B, O, Y, O, B, O, YLarge GemsG, R, G, Y, G, B, G, O, G, B, G, Y, G, R, G, GR, RY, GR, YB, GR, BO, GR, YB, GR, RY, GR, GYNo Fail (doesn't work in Career Mode)GR, B, GR, GY, B, GY, RY, O, RY, GY, Y, GY, GRPerformance ModeRY, RB, RO, RB, RY, GB, RY, RBPrecision ModeGR, GR, GR, RY, RY, RB, RB, YB, YO, YOPlay as Bret MichaelsGR, GR, GR, GB, GB, GB, RB, R, R, R, RB, R, R, R, RB, R, R, R Unlock All Songs in Quick PlayYO, RB, RO, GB, RY, YO, RY, RB, GY, GY, YB, YB, YO, YO, YB, Y, R, RY, R, Y, OUnlock EverythingGRBO, GRYB, GRYO, GYBO, GRYB, RYBO, GRYB, GYBO, GRYB, GRYO, GRYO, GRYB, GRYO

Guitar Hero 3 Unlockables for Wii

New features become available in the shop as you meet the requirements to unlock them.

UnlockableRequirementBat GuitarFive-star every song in Career Mode on Easy.Beach Life BassBeat Co-op on Hard.El Jefe GuitarFive-star all songs in Expert mode.Jolly Roger GuitarFive-star every song in Career Mode on Medium.Moon Shot GuitarBeat Career Mode on Easy. Nemesis 13 GuitarBeat Co-op Career Mode on any difficulty.Neversoft Eyeball GuitarFive-star every song in Co-op Mode on Expert.Neversoft Skateboard GuitarFive-star every song on Expert Co-op Career.PendulaxeBeat Co-op Career on Expert.RadioactiveBeat Co-op Career mode on Hard.Risk Assessment GuitarComplete Expert mode.Rojimbo GuitarBeat Career Mode on Hard.Saint George GuitarBeat Career Mode on Medium.Tiki BassBeat Co-op on Easy.Tiki GuitarFive-star every song in Career Mode on Hard.Through the Fire and the FlamesBeat Career Mode on any difficulty.LouBeat his boss battle.SlashBeat his boss battle.Tom MorelloBeat his boss battle.