Homall Executive Swivel Chair Review 2021


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Homall Executive Swivel Chair

Ach5 / Will Fulton

What We Like

Sturdy and comfortable construction

Great style for the price

Easy to clean

What We Don't Like

Cosmetic pieces difficult to attach

Doesn't lean back easily

Arm height isn't adjustable

The Homall Executive Swivel Chair is perfect for someone who wants to look and feel like a pro gamer at a reasonable cost.

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Homall Executive Swivel Chair

Ach5 / Will Fulton

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We purchased the Homall Executive Swivel Chair so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

The Homall Executive Swivel Chair has a real pro streamer look to it. The tall, striped racer back with a matching head cushion will make you look like your favorite Twitch star, but at a much more reasonable price than the sponsored gear the elites use. We have a few ergonomic quibbles, but overall Homall offers a solid and stylish entry point into executive/racer-style chairs that won't break the bank.

Ach5 / Will Fulton

We spent over a week with the chair in our apartment to evaluate ease of setup, design appeal, and overall comfort, to judge if it deserves a place in your home.

Design and Comfort: Look and feel like a pro

The chair makes a striking first impression, with a bold, black and white pattern running up the whole leather cover, echoed all the way down to the base and wheels. The polyurethane-embossed leather is smooth, cool, and easy to clean. After a week of regular use, the foam padding remained soft. The stitching also remained set during our testing, but it did look a little loose to begin with. The optional, adjustable head and lumbar pillows are a nice touch, although we found the lumbar pillow to be a little too prominent and firm for our liking.

Ach5 / Will Fulton

The tall, racer-style back is comfortable and supportive for even a fairly large and broad-shouldered adult man, tilting back down to a full 180-degrees. We found this feels a little too tenuous to comfortably kick back that far, but the deep range is appreciated and people with low centers of gravity will probably find it fairly stable, as the chair's base is quite sturdy. The arms are at a fixed height, which is a minor annoyance.

The tall, striped racer back with a matching head cushion will make you look like your favorite Twitch star, but at a much more reasonable price than the sponsored gear that the elites use.

While setting the height of the chair and the back's tilt is easy, the mechanism leaves something to be desired. To adjust the tilt you have to use a stiff knob that's placed in an awkward-to-reach location on the underside of the seat. More crucially, the way your center of gravity sits relative to the pivot point makes it hard to stay leaning back without really pushing with your legs. It's just not sustainably comfortable.

Ach5 / Will Fulton

Assembly and Setup Process: Easy where it counts

Assembling the chair was relatively easy, taking one person about an hour. All of the necessary components are separately wrapped and easy to find, provided you follow the clear, printed instructions. There was a minor discrepancy between a few of the parts' designations in the manual and on the parts themselves (e.g. L3 vs B3), but their unique shapes made them simple enough to distinguish. A combined Allen wrench/Phillips screwdriver comes included and is all you need to get the job done, though it's not quite as effective as having separate dedicated tools.

Ach5 / Will Fulton

We did have a bit of difficulty attaching some of the plastic covers that shield the chair back's bending mechanism. Ultimately, we failed entirely to attach one of them. The flat, short screws don't catch easily on the edge of their corresponding holes. To make matters worse, the point of contact is shielded from vision entirely by the cover you're screwing on, making it very difficult to line it up. It's a purely cosmetic piece, so this failure didn't have any functional implications, but it was nevertheless frustrating.

Price: Punching above its weight

For all of the included features and the quality of comfort, components, and construction, the Homall Executive Swivel Chair offers a great value at $169.99. It's an excellent entry-level price point for an executive, racer-style chair, which normally cost twice as much.

It's an excellent entry-level price point for an executive, racer-style chair, which normally cost twice as much.

Homall Executive Swivel Chair vs. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR

Gaming chairs are a crowded space, but Homall seems to slightly outpace its peers in terms of quality. Amazon is full of very similar offerings from little-known manufacturers like Furmax and Devoko at a comparable or slightly lower price, but Homall is generally rated better in terms of comfort, especially over the long term. If you want a better-known brand, you'll end paying close to $300 for something like the well-liked Racing Series DOH/RW106/NR from DXRacer. If you're on a budget, Homall is an appealing choice.

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Final Verdict

Comfort and style at an attainable price.

After hours of use, we found the Homall Executive Swivel Gaming Chair as comfortable as much more expensive chairs, without seeming to lose anything in terms of build quality. So long as tilting back isn't a dealbreaker for you this is as good as gaming chairs get until you start paying a lot more.


Product Name Executive Swivel Chair Product Brand Homall Price $169.99 Release Date December 2016 Weight 42.1 lbs. Product Dimensions 32.7 x 15.3 x 29.1 in. Color Black/white Weight Capacity Up to 300 lbs Angle Adjustment 90 to 180 degrees Material Premium PU leather