How Much Does an iPod Touch Cost? 2021


The seventh-generation iPod Touch—the latest iteration of an MP3 device that first debuted in 2007—comes in just three models. Here's how the prices break down.

Prices and configurations are current as of January 2020, per


Three Models, Three Prices

Storage capacity is the only difference among the three models. Apple's pricing is as follows:

ModelPrice32 GB iPod Touch$199128 GB iPod Touch$299256 GB iPod Touch$399

This model was the first update since 2015, with a new A10 Fusion processor that delivers the same smooth, fast performance and crisp display as the iPhone.

Does the iPod touch Ever Go On Sale?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Apple controls the pricing of its devices very tightly, and demand keeps prices high. You might find annual holiday and back-to-school sales as well as promotions from individual retailers, but these aren't likely to save you more than $20.

If you're looking to snag an iPod Touch for a more reasonable price, consider a sixth-generation iPod Touch. Apple doesn't make it anymore, but you should be able to find lots of used devices online.

As with any memory-based device, buy the highest-memory model you can afford. iOS and its built-in apps use up 8-11 GB—up to 69% of the storage capacity on the 16 GB model. The songs, apps, games, photos, and videos you store will eat up the rest very quickly. Memory can't be added, so going for the higher-capacity model will give you a device you can use longer and more conveniently before you're tempted to upgrade again.

Other Costs When Buying an iPod touch

The prices here don't include sales tax. Plus, you'll likely buy a few iPod accessories, such as:

A case (expect to spend $20-$40)AppleCare extended warranty ($59)A second charging cable to bring to work or when traveling ($19)A power adapter for a wall socket ($19)Airpods ($159+) or other high-end headphonesScreen protectors