How to Activate Full Screen Mode in Internet Explorer 11 2022


What to Know

Hands-down easiest: Press the F11 key.Next easiest: Gear icon > File > Full Screen.

This article explains how to open a link in Internet Explorer 11 full-screen mode on any supported version of Microsoft Windows.

Activate Full-Screen Mode in Internet Explorer 11

Turn IE11 full-screen mode on and off in a few steps.

Open Internet Explorer.

Select the gear icon (located in the upper-right corner of the browser window).

When the drop-down menu appears, hover the mouse cursor over the File option to open a submenu.

Select Full Screen. Alternatively, use the F11 keyboard shortcut.

The browser should be in full-screen mode. To disable full-screen mode and return to the standard Internet Explorer 11 window, press the F11 key.

Set Internet Explorer to Always Open Maximized

If Internet Explorer does not open as a maximized window when you select it in the Start menu, the shortcut has the incorrect default Run property. Change it from the Windows desktop.

Right-click a blank area on the desktop. Point to New and select Shortcut.

Select Browse, then navigate to Program Files/Internet Explorer/iexplore.exe.

Choose Next.

Enter a name for the shortcut, then select Finish. The shortcut appears on the desktop.

Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.

Go to the Shortcut tab. Then, select the Run drop-down arrow and choose Maximized.

Select Apply, then select OK.

Internet Explorer opens in the maximized state any time you open it using a shortcut.