How to Add a Website to Your Chromebook Shelf 2022


The Chromebook shelf is located at the bottom of the screen by default. Like the Windows taskbar and the Mac dock, it houses an app launcher and shortcuts to your commonly used apps. You can also add website shortcuts to your Chromebook shelf.

Instructions in this article apply to laptops with Chrome OS.

How to Put a Website on the Chromebook Menu Bar

To add website shortcuts to your Chromebook shelf, follow these steps:

Open the Chrome browser, navigate to the web page, then select the Menu icon in the upper-right corner.

Select More tools > Create Shortcut.

Edit the shortcut description to your liking and select Create in the pop-up window.

If you want the shortcut to always open the website in a new browser window, select the Open as window check box.

The new shortcut is immediately visible on the Chromebook shelf.

To delete the shortcut, right-click it and select Unpin.

How to Customize the Chromebook Shelf

There are a few other ways you can customize your shelf. For example, to change the location of the Chromebook shelf, right-click it and select Shelf position from the menu that appears.

You will also see an option for Autohide shelf or Always show shelf, depending on which one is currently active. When Autohide shelf is selected, the shelf disappears when you click an app or a web page. To reveal the shelf, move the mouse to the bottom of the screen (or whichever side the self is positioned).