How to Add Widgets to Android Phones 2022


What to Know

On the home screen, hold your finger to the screen of the phone, then, once it appears, tap Widgets to add a widget.Resize it by holding your finger to the widget and dragging the dots around.Move the widget by holding your finger to it and dragging it around the screen.

This article teaches you how to add widgets to your Android phone's home screen, as well as how to move and resize them. It also explains how to download new widgets to your phone. 

What Is a Widget?

A widget is a neat way to customize your Android phone's display. You can add items such as a search bar, clock, countdown calendar, or weather details, all onto your home screen so there's no need to open a specific app to see such information. 

How Do I Add Custom Widgets to My Phone?

Here's how to add a widget to your phone and tweak its size and placement so it offers the best experience for you. 

On your phone's home screen, touch and hold an empty space.

Tap Widgets.

Pick the widget you wish to add then tap it.

Tap outside the widget to finish.

You can also tap your phone's home button to finish.

How to Resize a Widget on Your Home Screen

Once you've added a widget to your home screen, you may realize it if you'd prefer it in a different location or for it to be a different size. Here's how to resize and relocate a widget on your home screen.

Hold your finger down on the widget until two dots appear around it.

Drag the dots up or down to resize the widget.

Not all widgets can be resized.

Release the dot to confirm the size then tap outside the widget to save it.

To move the widget, hold your finger down on the widget then drag it around the screen to relocate it.

How to Remove a Widget From Your Home Screen

Changed your mind and no longer want the widget on your screen? Here's how to remove it.

On your home screen, hold your finger against the widget you wish to remove.

Tap Remove.

The widget is now removed from your home screen. 

How Do I Download New Widgets for Android?

Your smartphone comes with several pre-installed widgets but it's possible to add more. To do so, you simply need to download apps from the Google Play Store. It's also worth checking out the best free Android widgets if you prefer to not spend any money on new apps.

How Do I Download Widgets on My Samsung?

Because Samsung Android-based phones use a customized version of Android, they have a slightly different method of adding widgets. So, if you have a Samsung phone, check out how to install a widget on a Samsung phone.