How To Automatically Skip Songs in an iTunes Playlist 2021


How many times have you been listening to one of your iTunes playlists and wished there was some way to automatically prevent certain songs from playing? Rather than deleting entries in your playlist, or having to constantly click the skip button every time, you can configure your playlists to only play the songs you want.

Follow this short tutorial to find out how easy it is to tweak your playlists so you can listen to exactly the songs you really want to hear.

Choosing a Playlist to Edit In order to start editing one of your playlists, you'll first need to select one displayed in the left pane (Playlists section).

Omitting Songs in Your Playlist To start choosing the songs that you want iTunes to automatically skip, click the checkbox next to each unwanted song in your playlist. If you want to toggle all the checkboxes in a playlist, then hold down CTRL (control key) and click any checkbox. For Mac users, hold down ⌘ (command key) and click one of the checkboxes.

Testing Your Edited Playlist Once you are happy with your edited playlist, test it to make sure the songs you have unchecked get skipped. If you find that there are still songs that you'd like iTunes to automatically skip, then repeat the process from step 1 again.