How to Block YouTube Channels 2021


What to Know

Go to a Channel's About page, click the Flag icon, click Block User, and then click Submit.Blocking a YouTube account will prevent them from commenting on your videos.Videos from blocked accounts will also stop showing on your YouTube Home feed.

This article covers the process for how to block certain YouTube channels on desktop and mobile. Blocking a YouTube channel will remove their videos from your feed and will also prevent that account from commenting on your uploads and sending you communications.

How to Block a YouTube Channel on Desktop

The block option has moved around quite a bit on YouTube's website over the years so it's understandable if you can't find it. Here's how to find the YouTube block button and put it to good use.

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the YouTube channel page you want to block.

Make sure you're on the correct channel as you don't want to accidentally block the wrong account.

Click About.

Click the flag icon under the channel stats.

Click Block user.

Click Submit.

How to Block a YouTube Channel on Mobile

Can you block YouTube channels on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets? Absolutely. Here's how.

Open the official YouTube app on your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet and go to the YouTube account you have your eyes on.

This can be quickly done by tapping on the circle profile picture of an account near one of their videos.

Tap the ellipsis (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner.

Tap Block user.

A confirmation message will pop up. Tap Block.

How to Block Videos on YouTube

If you're tired of seeing the same account's videos suggested to you in your feed while browsing YouTube, you can take several effective actions by tapping on the ellipsis next to its title on both mobile and the web.

A menu will appear with a variety of options. Here are the three you may want to consider using to block this video, and others like it, from your YouTube experience.

Not interested. This option will tell YouTube to stop recommending this video and others like it. If you choose this on a video about tomatoes, for example, YouTube will show you less videos about tomatoes regardless of which channel they're from.Don't recommend channel. Selecting this option will inform YouTube to cease showing you videos of any topic from this particular YouTube channel. This can be useful if you like to get news on a certain topic from a variety of sources and only want to see exclude takes from a specific account.Report. If you find a YouTube video is offensive, dangerous, or misleading, you can choose this option to let YouTube know. This should stop this video from being shown to you and will also let YouTube know they should investigate it and potentially remove it from the platform entirely.

In addition to the above three options, you may also want to try the following for blocking videos from your YouTube experience.

Try YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids is a completely free app designed for young viewers. It automatically filters out mature content and recommends media designed for children to watch without a parent's supervision. It can still be worth checking the YouTube viewing history though just in case some questionable clips are slipping through the algorithm.Stay on your Subscription feed. Your subscription feed will only show you videos from your subscribed accounts. YouTube can often try and trick you into using the Home feed but be careful as the Home feed is not your Subscription feed.How to Turn Off Restricted Mode on YouTube