How to Change the Clock Face on a Fitbit Versa or Versa 2 2022


What to Know

Open Fitbit app on smartphone, select Account > Devices > select Versa > Clock Faces > All Clocks > choose clock face > Select > Install.Some clock face designs require purchase.

This article explains how to change the clock face on a Fitbit Versa or Versa 2 from the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

You can also change out Fitbit watch bands to suit different occasions and moods.

How to Change Fitbit Versa Clock Faces

You can change the watch face from the Fitbit app on your smartphone.

Open the Fitbit app on your smartphone and tap the Account icon in the upper-left corner, then choose your Versa from the Devices list.

Tap Clock Faces > All Clocks.

If you've already downloaded clock faces from the faces store, you can choose them from the My Clock Faces gallery at the bottom of the Clocks page.

Choose a clock face and tap Select on the information page. Some watch faces are free, and others require payment.

Some designers will let you try a clock face for an hour or so and then charge you if you're still using it.

Grant the appropriate permissions and tap Install. Once the clock face is downloaded, it will automatically be applied to your watch. It could take a few minutes for the watch to sync with the app.