How to Change the Owner on a Chromebook 2022


What to Know

Log in to your Chromebook. Select the clock on the Chromebook shelf.Select the Settings gear > Advanced. Choose Reset in the Powerwash section to erase the hard drive and remove yourself as owner.

This article explains how to change the owner on a Chromebook by resetting it, which deletes all files on the hard drive. It also covers backing up your data before you remove yourself as owner. This information applies to all Chrome OS devices regardless of the manufacturer, including Acer, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and Toshiba.

How to Change the Owner on a Chromebook

You should change the owner on your Chromebook before you sell it or give it away. If you don't, the new user could access your personal files or information.

The only way to remove the owner from a Chromebook is to perform a factory reset. To Powerwash your Chromebook:

Log in to your Chromebook as the current owner and select the clock in the Chromebook shelf. Then select the Settings gear.

Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and select Advanced.

Scroll down to the Reset Settings section and select Reset next to Powerwash.

Everything on your hard drive will be wiped, so save any files you want to keep to a USB stick or your Google Drive.

Restart the computer when prompted. Any files stored on the hard drive are deleted, and the Chromebook is restored to its original state.

When the new owner creates an account or signs in to their Google account, they will be designated as the new owner.

It's also possible to Powerwash your Chromebook using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R on the login screen.

If you're using a school or work computer, you may not be able to change the owner. Ask the IT administrator to reset your Chromebook.

What to Do Before You Change Owners on a Chromebook

Before powerwashing and parting with your Chromebook, make sure Chrome OS is set to sync with your Google account so that all of your app data is backed up to the cloud. To enable syncing:

Log in to your Chromebook as the current owner and select the clock in the Chromebook shelf, then select the Settings gear.

Select Sync and Google services in the People section.

Select Manage Sync.

Choose which settings you want to sync, or select Sync Everything.

Make sure the backup was successful and then Powerwash your Chromebook. Everything saved to your Google account is accessible the next time you log in to any Chrome OS device.

Who Is a Chromebook's Owner?

When you set up your Chromebook, you must create a new Google account or log in with an existing one. The account you first log in with becomes the owner account, or administrator account. Only the owner can access certain system settings and manage other users. For example, the Chromebook owner can:

Enable and disable guest browsingManage Wi-Fi networksChange the time zoneView crash reports

All of your personal files and information are available to anyone who can access your owner account, which is why it's important to perform a Powerwash before selling your Chromebook.