How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video 2021


Google Chromecast supports many services, including Amazon Prime Video. Because Chromecast supports Prime Video, there are two ways to cast videos. If you're on a desktop PC, casting from the Google Chrome browser works best. It's not as efficient as casting from an app, but it gets the job done. As with most services, casting from the Amazon Prime Video app on a mobile device is the best route. Since Prime video started supporting Chromecast, the process is extremely straightforward.

How to Chromecast From the Prime Video App

You can now cast directly from the Amazon Prime Video app to your Chromecast. The process is as simple as casting from any supported app.

Open the Prime Video app on your device.

Press the Cast icon.

Select the Chromecast device on your network to which you want to cast.

Select a video to watch. When you do, it plays on the screen connected to your Chromecast.

How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Video From a Computer

Streaming Amazon Prime Video to Chromecast from a computer is simple. Just set up the Google Chrome browser on your computer and cast content from your desktop to your TV. This method works for both Mac and PC and especially works with notebooks with the Google Chrome OS, which has the Chrome browser pre-installed.

Casting Amazon Prime Video to a TV uses computer processing power and can quickly drain the battery. Plug the computer into a power source while using this method.

Open a new Chrome browser window or tab and go to Amazon Prime Instant Video or Amazon Prime Video if you subscribed to the paid service.

Casting from the Chrome browser only allows streams up to 1080p resolution. This is a downside, considering Amazon Prime Video content streams in 4K with compatible hardware.

Select the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the browser and below the tabs.

Select Cast.


Select the device to which you would like to cast the screen. If you have more than one streaming device, select the TV option.

Make sure the Chrome browser is updated to the latest version. If a red download icon displays in the upper-right corner of the browser, you must install the updates before you can proceed with this casting method.

The casted content appears on the TV.

You can browse in other tabs while casting Amazon Prime Video on a TV. However, keep the browser windows and tabs to a minimum, as it might slow down the computer and disrupt streaming and casting.

To end a cast, close the Chrome window or tab you were casting. Or, select the three-dot icon, then select the connected device to disconnect the stream.