How to Clear Search History on Instagram 2022


What to Know

In the app: Tap your profile icon > hamburger menu > Settings > Security > Clear Search History (iPhone) or Search History (Android).In a browser: Tap your profile icon > Settings gear > Privacy and Security > View Account Data > View All > Clear Send History.

This article explains how to clear the search history on Instagram in the latest version of the Instagram app on Android and iOS as well as desktop and mobile browsers.

How to Clear Instagram Search History in the App

Instagram keeps a record of your search history. This is a quick way to locate accounts or hashtags that you've looked for in the past. Past searches also influence which accounts Instagram suggests you follow.

Instagram search history can be deleted using the Instagram app and desktop and mobile browsers. Here's how you do it in the app.

Launch and log in to the Instagram app.

Tap the profile icon, which is either a tiny version of your profile picture or an outline of head and shoulders if you don't have one.

Tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines).

Tap Settings > Security.

Tap Clear Search History (iPhone) or Search History (Android).

Tap Clear All.

Tap Clear All again to confirm.

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Clear Instagram Search History in a Browser

You can also delete your Instagram search history from a web browser. The process is the same whether you're using a desktop or mobile browser.

Go to on your computer or mobile browser.

Click or tap the profile icon and then then click or tap the settings gear. (Your profile icon will either be a tiny version of your profile image or an outline of head and shoulders if you don't have one.)

Click the settings gear to the right of your username.

Click Privacy and Security

 Scroll down and click View Account Data.

Click View all below your search history.

Click Clear Search History.

Click Yes, I'm sure to confirm.