How to Connect a Stadia Controller to a PC 2022


What to Know

Go to Stadia's site and sign in. Click the white controller icon in the upper right corner. Push and hold the Stadia button on your controller until it starts flashing white. Click Connect controller > Stadia controller. Input the code on the screen using your controller's buttons.

This article covers how to connect your Stadia Controller to your PC and set up the controller.

How to Use Your Stadia Controller With Your PC

Since Stadia controllers require a Wi-Fi connection, you have to set up your controller with the Stadia app on Android or iOS before using it with your PC. Once you've performed that initial setup, you can connect the controller to your PC by simply plugging it in via USB or connect it wirelessly using the Stadia web app.

If you haven't already set up your Stadia controller, here's how to get it done.

Download and install the Stadia app on an Android phone or iPhone.

You can't complete the controller setup process with a PC, so you will need to use the Stadia app on a phone for this step.

Launch Stadia on your phone, and tap the controller icon.

If you see a prompt to allow location access, tap NEXT.

If you see a prompt to turn on Bluetooth, activate Bluetooth on your device.

Tap Connect controller.

When your controller vibrates, tap Yes.

Tap Continue.

Tap Yes, allow sharing if you want to share data with Google, or No, don't share if you prefer to keep your usage data private.

If you see your Wi-Fi network displayed correctly, tap Connect to proceed. If the network isn't correct, tap Use a different network and select the correct network before proceeding.

Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network, and tap Connect.

Your controller will now connect to Wi-Fi. When it finishes, tap Next.

Your controller will install an update. When it finishes, tap Next.

Verify that the ring light around the Stadia button on your controller is flashing white, and tap It's blinking only white.

If it isn't blinking white, tap It's blinking only orange for further help.

Your Stadia controller is now set up and connected to Wi-Fi, and it's ready to be connected to your PC to play games wirelessly.

How to Connect Your Stadia Controller to a PC

Once you have performed the initial setup process, you're ready to connect the controller to your PC. The easiest option is to plug it in with a USB-C cable, but that leaves your controller tied to the PC with a physical tether. If you want to play wirelessly, here's how to connect your controller to your PC for wireless play.

Open a compatible web browser, like Chrome, and go to Stadia's site.

Tap Sign in and complete the sign in process using your Google account credentials.

If you're already signed in, skip to the next step.

Tap the white controller icon in the upper right corner.

Push and hold the Stadia button on your controller until it starts flashing white.

Tap Connect controller.

Tap Stadia controller.

Using the buttons on your controller, enter the code you see on the screen.

When you see Controller linked, that means you have successfully connected your controller.

Can You Play Non-Stadia PC Games With a Stadia Controller?

The wireless connection procedure outlined above only allows you to play Stadia games with your Stadia controller. While the Stadia controller does have Bluetooth built-in, it isn't designed to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth functionality is only used during the Wi-Fi setup process.

If you want to use your Stadia controller to play non-Stadia games on your PC, you can connect it via a USB-C cable and use it in wired mode. Some games, and some platforms, will work with the Stadia controller in this configuration, and some don't.