How to Connect Google Drive to Microsoft Surface 2022


What to Know

Go to the Backup and Sync download page > Download > Agree and Download. Open the installation file and click Yes if prompted.The Backup and Sync app should open automatically. Click Get Started. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.You can also access Google Drive via a web browser on your Surface.

This article will walk you through the best Google Drive for Surface solutions for accessing your cloud storage and syncing files and other data when connected to the internet or when offline.

Get Google Drive for Surface With Backup and Sync

The best way to connect Google Drive to Microsoft Surface devices such as the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, or Surface Book is to install Google's official Backup and Sync app. You can use Backup and Sync to access files offline and back up local files to your Google Drive account.

Visit the official Backup and Sync download page and click the Download link next to For Individuals.

If you're using a Surface Go or another device in Windows 10 S Mode, you'll need to switch to the primary Windows 10 operating system to install this Google Drive app. Switching takes a few seconds, and you can change back to Windows 10 S Mode after the installation is complete if you like.

Click Agree and Download.

The installation file should begin downloading. Once it's finished, open it either from the browser notification or from its location on your Surface. If prompted, click Yes to allow the installation to begin.

When the installation finishes, the Backup and Sync app should open automatically. Click Get Started.

Follow the instructions on screen to log into your Google Drive account.

Do not hit Enter during the login process, as this can cause an error. Make sure to click any prompts you see with your mouse cursor.

Click Got It.

Select what folders and files, if any, you want to sync from your Surface to your online Google Drive account and click Next.

Click Got It.

Select the Google Drive folders you want to download automatically to your Surface and click Start.

If you want to change the location of the Google Drive folder on your Surface, click Change to the right of the shown folder location.

The Google Drive for Surface sync process should begin, and your new Google Drive folder should automatically open for you via Windows 10's File Explorer.

Your Google Drive folder should be added to your Quick Access list in File Explorer.

How to Access Google Drive on Surface Without Installing Anything

If you're unable to install the Backup and Sync app on your Surface due to being locked into Windows 10 S Mode, you can still access all of your files and folders at any time by logging into the Google Drive website with any web browser.

What Are the Benefits of Installing the Google Drive Backup and Sync App?

Accessing Google Drive via a web browser is usually fine for most Surface users, but there are some benefits to installing Google's Backup and Sync app.

The app is faster. With the Backup and Sync app installed, you can access all of your files directly from your device. There's no need to log into a website and wait for files to download.Offline access to Google Drive files. Backup and Sync automatically downloads and updates all of your Google Drive files to access locally whether you're online or not.A bonus computer backup. The Google Drive app also lets you create cloud backups of other files and folders on your Surface, which is great if you're worried about losing or damaging your device.Google Drive works with other cloud services. Google's Backup and Sync app works completely fine with rival cloud services such as Dropbox and OneDrive.