How to Create a Playlist With Amazon Music 2022


What to Know

Go to your Amazon account and select Amazon Music from the drop-down menu on the left.Select your music service from Amazon Music's free version, Prime version, and Amazon Music Unlimited.From the Amazon Music dashboard, choose Create Playlist. Name the playlist and select Save.

This article explains how to create a playlist with Amazon Music and how to populate it with songs and albums. It covers creating playlists with Amazon Music's free version, the Prime version, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

Create a New Amazon Music Playlist

While Amazon Music's curated playlists cover everything from workout songs to pop culture, it's easy to organize personalized playlists on any topic or for any occasion. Here's a look at creating custom playlists with Amazon Music.

After you create your custom Amazon Music playlist and add music to it, you can enjoy your favorite songs on your computer, from an app on your mobile device, or on an Alexa-enabled device.

Sign in to your Amazon Account and select Amazon Music from the drop-down menu on the left.

Or, sign in to your Amazon Music account by going to

Select the Amazon Music service you use, such as Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, or Free Streaming Music.

From your Amazon Music dashboard, select Create Playlist from the menu on the left.

Enter a name for your new playlist and select Save.

Select Explore & Add to add songs to your playlist.

Browse through Amazon Music's categories and genres. Or, go to My Music on the left and search through your Albums, Songs, Genres, or Purchased Music.

Select the check box next to each song you want to add.

When you're done adding songs, select your playlist at the top of the page.

To add an entire album to your playlist, go to My Music > Albums. Hover the mouse pointer over the album, select the down arrow that appears, and then select Add to playlist.

Select the playlist where you want to add the album.

To add songs by a certain artist, go to My Music > Artists, select the down arrow below the artist you want, and select Add to playlist.

To add songs according to genre, go to My Music > Genres, select the down arrow below the genre you want, and select Add to playlist.

Add songs, albums, artists, or genres until you're happy with your playlist. Add to your playlist or remove songs from your playlist at any time.

Amazon Music Services

Amazon Prime Music is a streaming music service that's included with an Amazon Prime membership. It has more than two million songs available to stream or listen to offline, including thousands of stations and preset playlists.

Amazon Music also has a version for people with a Prime subscription, and anyone can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited and enjoy more than 50 million songs and a host of other features.