How to Delete Clubhouse App Account 2021


What to Know

You cannot currently delete your Clubhouse account in the app or on the website.To delete your account, send an email to Clubhouse with your request.Be aware that Clubhouse may not remove some data after deleting your account.

This article explains how to request the deletion of your Clubhouse app account. We'll also recommend portions of the Clubhouse Privacy Policy for additional details related to your account deletion.

Delete Your Clubhouse App Account

If you have an account on the social audio app Clubhouse, you know this is an invitation-only service. While you accepted the invitation you received to join, you may have decided that the app isn't for you. 

Most apps that require you to sign up provide an option to delete your account. Some offer the action in the app itself, while others may request you visit the website. Unfortunately, Clubhouse does neither.

To delete your Clubhouse app account, you must send an email with your request to [email protected]

Hopefully, the ability to delete your account will be something that the company adds to the app, or even its website, as the service continues to gain popularity.

Additional Details for Clubhouse Account Deletion

We see privacy policies everywhere for the apps we download to our devices and the websites we visit. Unfortunately, it seems seldom that anyone reads the privacy policy or at least in its entirety. But if you plan to request the deletion of your Clubhouse account, you may want to review the company's policy on this topic.

Next, we'll show you what to look for in the privacy policy and how to access it.

Clubhouse Privacy Policy in the App

You can review the privacy policy in the Clubhouse app by following these steps.

Open your profile by tapping your photo on the top right.

Tap the gear icon.

Select Privacy Policy.

Clubhouse Privacy Policy Online

Visit the Clubhouse website and click Privacy at the bottom of the page.

Clubhouse's Privacy Policy

You can certainly read the entire Clubhouse Privacy Policy if you like. But the portions about account deletion are in sections: 5. Update Your Information and 11. Your Choices.

Section 5 explains that you must send an email to request the deletion of your account. Section 11 states the following:

You may also delete your account. Please note that we will need to verify that you have the authority to delete the account and certain activity generated prior to deletion may remain stored by us and may be shared with third parties as detailed in this Privacy Policy.

Again, sending an email to the address listed here is currently the only way to delete your Clubhouse account. Hopefully, the company will update the app down the road to offer this action from the app.