How to Delete Favorites on Microsoft Edge 2021


What to Know

Delete individual favorites by right-clicking the link in Favorites and clicking Delete.Delete all favorites by selecting all then clicking Delete.Tidy up favorites via the Remove Duplicate Favorites button.

This article teaches you how to delete favorites on Microsoft Edge. It shows you how to delete individual links, delete all bookmarks, and remove duplicate bookmarks or edit how they're stored.

How to Delete Individual Favorites on Microsoft Edge

Offering a form of Microsoft Edge bookmark manager means that the browser makes it very simple to manage your favorites and delete individual links as and when you don't need them anymore. Here's how to do so.

Open Microsoft Edge.

Click the Favorites button.

You can also click Favorites > Manage Favorites in the menu bar.

Click the folder containing the link you wish to delete.

Right-click the link.

Click Delete.

The link is instantly deleted from your favorites list.

How to Delete All Bookmarks on Microsoft Edge

If you'd prefer to delete all the bookmarks within a Favorites folder, the process is a little more involved but only takes an extra step or two to do. Here's how to delete all your bookmarks within a couple of clicks.

Open Microsoft Edge.

Click the Favorites button.

Click the ellipsis.

Click Manage Favorites.

Click the folder you wish to remove the bookmarks from.

On your keyboard, tap Ctrl + A to select all.

On a Mac, tap Cmd + A to select all.

Click Delete to delete the favorites.

How to Tidy up Your Favorites in Microsoft Edge

Worried that you've been adding links multiple times to your favorites in Microsoft Edge? The browser automatically stops that happening on one device, but duplicates can slip in when you sync up via multiple devices. Here's how to remove any messy duplicates in a few simple steps so that your favorites folder is tidy at all times. 

Open Microsoft Edge.

Click the Favorites button.

Click the ellipsis.

Click Remove Duplicate Favorites.

Click Remove.

Wait for Microsoft Edge to find any duplicates and choose which ones to delete, if any.

How to Edit Favorites in Microsoft Edge

If you'd rather edit a bookmark in Microsoft Edge instead of deleting it, it's simple to do. This is ideal if you want to change the name you've saved it under or even the link itself. Here's what to do.

Open Microsoft Edge.

Click the Favorites button.

Right-click the bookmark you wish to edit.

Click Edit.

Alternatively, click Rename to simply rename the bookmark.

Change the name or link address then click Save.

The changes have now been implemented to your bookmark. The favorite is now briefly highlighted in yellow to show that it has been changed. 

Are My Bookmarks Permanently Deleted?

When you delete your Microsoft Edge bookmarks, it removes the favorites across all devices. That's why it's essential to also use the export Edge favorites tool via Favorites > Export Favorites, so you always have a backup of your favorite links and bookmarks.

How to Back up Microsoft Edge Favorites