How to Delete Profiles on Xbox Series X or S 2021


What to Know:

To remove a profile from your Xbox, go to Settings > Account > Remove account > choose profile > Remove.To delete an account, go to the Microsoft Account Removal page. Sign in > Next > check boxes > select reason > Mark account for closure.

This article teaches you how to remove profiles from your Xbox Series X or S, as well as how to delete an Xbox Network account, and why you might wish to do so. 

How to Delete an Account From Your Xbox Series X or S

If you have multiple accounts logged in on your Xbox Series X/S, you may wish to tidy some of these up and delete them. Here's what to do.

Press the glowing middle button of your Xbox Series X or S controller.

Scroll to the right until you reach Profile & System. 

Click Settings.

Click Account.

Click Remove Accounts.

Press A.

Click the profile you wish to remove.

Click Remove.

How to Delete Your Xbox Network Profile Permanently 

If you want to delete your Xbox Network profile permanently, you can do so through your smartphone or PC/Mac. Here's what to do.

This process is impossible to reverse after 60 days so be certain that you want to permanently delete your account.

On your PC/Mac/smartphone, go to Microsoft Account Removal page.

with your Xbox Network details.

Click Next.

Check all the boxes.

Click the Select a Reason drag-down menu and select a reason.

Click Mark account for closure.

Your account will now be closed permanently.

How to Add Accounts on Xbox Series X or S

If you want to add additional accounts to your Xbox Series X or S or have deleted an account by accident, here's how to add an account to your console.

Press the glowing middle button of your Xbox Series X/S controller.

Scroll to the right until you reach Profile & System.

Select Add or Switch.

Scroll down to Add New.

Alternatively, choose Add Guest to add an extra profile temporarily without the need to sign in.

Press A.

Sign in with your Microsoft account details. 

Reasons to Add or Delete Accounts

The Xbox Series X or S only requires one primary account but there are some useful reasons why you might want to add or delete more.

More than one of you can earn achievements. Playing a co-op game with a friend? You can both earn achievements if you log into your respective Xbox Network profiles. A guest profile won't earn achievements.Other members of the household can use the Xbox Series X or S. If you want to keep your friends list separate from other members of the household, you can easily switch between profiles depending on who is playing. Deleting accounts keeps things tidy. Deleting profiles that are no longer used keeps your Xbox Series X or S profile history tidier. It's not essential but you might prefer to keep things neat.Deleting an account permanently removes everything. Permanently deleting an account is a big decision but if you want a clean break from all things Xbox and Microsoft, it's the best way of doing so. Just remember that you lose everything tied to it.