How to Download Free Classical Music From Wikipedia 2022


Wikipedia is probably not the first place that comes to mind when you think about free classical music downloads, but Wikipedia's List of sound files page actually is a great place for downloading classical music.

You'll find a large selection from various composers and performers, and they're all organized by composer to make them easier to browse. It's incredibly simple to do because you don't have to log in to a user account and all the music is basically in one place and just a single click away from being downloaded to your computer.

How to Download Classical Music on Wikipedia

The easiest way to find classical music at Wikipedia is to visit the Wikipedia: List of sound files page. This is the main index of where all the classical music can be found.

All the music is categorized in subpages by composer, so start by choosing the letter of the composer's last name. You'll then be taken to a page full of classical music by composers with that last name.

If you don't know the composer by name or if you'd rather search by the title of the piece, use the search box instead of the alphabetical subpage links. The search box lets you search within all of those different pages at once.

On that new page, you can sort the music by composer, file name, the year it was added to that Wikipedia list, or by comments that are given for that particular file. Sorting is done by selecting the boxes at the very top of the table of music.

Before downloading anything, you can take this time to listen to the audio straight from your browser. Select the play button to listen immediately.

Actually downloading the classical music to your computer is very simple: select the file name from that column of the table to be taken to another page. Right-click the file name on that page and then choose to save it to your computer.

Most of the classical music on Wikipedia is in the OGG format. If you want the audio files to be in a different format, perhaps something that your device or music player supports, you can run them through a free audio converter. This lets you convert the file to a different format such as MP3.

Other Ways to Get Free Music Downloads

Wikipedia is a great source for classical music, but if you haven't been able to find what you're looking for or if you'd like to try out a similar website, we suggest Classic Cat, Musopen,, and Free Music Archive.