How to Edit a PDF on Chromebook 2022


Most Chromebooks do not come with a PDF editor app installed by default, but there are Chromebook PDF editors that you can access using your Chrome web browser. You can also use Google Play to install PDF editor apps on your Chromebook.

How to Edit a PDF on Chromebook

There are several online tools you can access with your Chrome browser on Chromebook to edit a PDF file. Most free PDF editors technically allow "editing" of PDF files, but few allow full editing that includes existing text, images, and other elements of the document.

All of the editors below are full PDF editors for Chromebook.

One of the best online PDF editors you can use from your Chromebook is Soda PDF Online. When you open the website, just select Open PDF from the left navigation menu and browse to the PDF file you want to edit. Select View from the menu, and Edit from the ribbon. Now you can edit each text or image element in the document however you wish.

Another great online PDF editor is Sejda. When you visit the site, select Edit a PDF document. Then select Upload PDF file. Browse to and open the PDF file you want to edit. Once opened, you can edit any text or images in the document. You can also fill out any forms, whiteout sections, annotate, and more.

Sejda PDF Editor is also available for download from the Chrome Web Store if you prefer to use it as an app on your Chromebook.

There aren't a lot of online PDF editors that let you edit existing text in the PDF file for free, but one alternative you can use is PDFpro. You can use this option to convert a PDF file to Word. When you visit the site, select Click to upload your file.

Select the PDF file, and you'll see the file name appear in a list. Select the dropdown next to Open PDF and select Convert to Word. This will process the PDF file into a Docx file. Download the file and you can edit it in Word, and then save it back to PDF format if you like.

For most PDF files, the conversion from PDF to Word is very good and the document should appear exactly as it does in the PDF format. This makes it easy to update the text or images and then use the document in Word format or convert back to PDF.

Any of these solutions work well to edit a PDF on Chromebook if you prefer to use a browser based solution.

Chromebook PDF Editing

Since Chromebook is web-based, you're limited to browser-based PDF editors. If you only want to add text, images, and other elements to your PDF document, all of the following free online PDF editors will work for you.


Any of these are great solutions when you just need to fill out a PDF form that someone sent you, or if you want to add new text, drawings, images, or other elements to an existing PDF document.