How to Edit Your Memoji on iPhone 2022


What to Know

Tap the App Store icon in Messages, select the Memoji icon, and scroll left until your current Memoji is visible. Tap the three-dot menu > Edit.Navigate the tabs to change the skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, mouth, nose, facial hair, headwear, and more.Select Done to save your changes.

This article explains how to create, edit and use your Memoji on an iPhone running iOS 12 and later.

How to Edit Your Memoji on iPhone

Apple's Memoji feature provides you an animated avatar to include in your text messages. It's related to the similar Animoji, which are animated versions of popular emoji symbols; the main difference is that you can change how your Memoji looks.

To edit your Memoji or create a new one, use the apps bar in Messages for iOS.

If apps aren't visible, tap the App Store icon in Messages.

Select the Memoji icon.

Scroll to the left until your current Memoji is visible.

Tap the three-dot menu in the lower-left corner.

Select Edit.

On the first tab, customize your Skin. Choose a tone or color, apply freckles, add blush to your cheeks, and add a beauty spot if you like. Changes you make will update in the preview at the top of the screen.

Your Memoji will turn its head based on your movements in real life. Use this feature to examine the Memoji from different angles.

Next, choose your Hairstyle. Tap the color you want at the top, then scroll through the options and select the style you like.

Tap the next tab to customize your Brows. This section isn't just about choosing your eyebrows' color and style; you can also select a forehead mark and piercings.

Next, chose your Eyes. Along with shape and color, you can also set an eyelash style and add makeup.

The Head tab is next, and it has two sections. Age is where you choose how young or old you look; the head size and number of wrinkles will vary based on your choice. The Shape section contains preset options with various cheek, chin, and jaw sizes.

The Nose tab only has two options: One picks the size of your Memoji's nose, and the other lets you add an optional piercing.

On the Mouth tab, choose the color and shape of your lips. Below that, customize your teeth and add lip and tongue piercings in a variety of colors.

Your main option on the Ears tab is the size, but you can also add accessories like earrings, headphones that resemble Apple's AirPods Pro, and even hearing aids. For more customization options, chose Pair next to the Earrings or Audio headings, and then select Mix and Match to add accessories to each ear separately.

On the Facial Hair tab, select a sideburn length and then choose a mustache or beard color and style.

Your sideburn color will match the shade you chose for your hair.

The Eyewear tab is where you can give your Memoji eyeglasses, a monocle, or an eyepatch. The first color selection affects the frames, and the one right below it adds a tint to the lenses. Scroll down to add a patch to either eye in a variety of colors.

Your Memoji can wear both glasses and an eyepatch.

Finally, select Headwear. The Memoji customization provides various hats, head wraps, scarves, and helmets to deck out your character. At the bottom, you can also add a face covering.

Select Done to save your changes once you're happy with how your Memoji looks.

How to Use Edited Memoji on iPhone

Once you've finished editing your old Memoji, you'll find that the new one replaces it. You can then use this new one just as you did the old one. If you want to revert to your original Memoji before you made changes, you'll have to go through the editing process and select the options you had chosen previously.

A Memoji can use your iPhone's camera and mic to record and animate a message. You can create more than one Memoji.