How to Find a Village in Minecraft 2022


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Minecraft villages are automatically generated areas that contain a variety of buildings and villagers to live in them. The buildings can contain chests with rare loot, and the villagers will trade you for useful items if you have emeralds on hand, so finding one of these areas can be a big windfall. You can find a village in Minecraft by simply exploring, but there's also a shortcut that speeds up the process a lot.

Where Are Villages Found in Minecraft?

Villages are generated right along with the rest of your world, but they can't be found just anywhere. They appear in these five biomes: plains, savanna, taiga, snowy tundra, and desert. If you're playing Bedrock Edition, they can also be found in snowy taiga, sunflower plains, taiga hills, and snowy taiga hills.

If you want to just head out and look for a village, keep in mind that they don't appear in all biomes. If you find yourself in a biome that doesn't spawn villages, keep moving quickly until you reach the next biome. If that biome doesn't match either, keep going. Once you find a biome that can actually host villages, explore it thoroughly, and only move on once you've seen the entire thing.

How to Use the Minecraft Village Finder

The Minecraft Village Finder is a built-in tool that automatically locates the nearest village and provides you with its location. If you don't want to wander around randomly hoping to stumble across a village, then this is the best way to find a village fast.

The Minecraft Village Finder worlds on Java Edition, Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition. If you're playing on a server, you may not have permission to use this command.

Here's how to locate a village in Minecraft:

Open the command console, type /locate village and press enter.

Write down the coordinates of the nearest village.

Press F3 to view your current coordinates.

Head to the coordinates of the village.

How to Find Villages in Creative Mode

If you're playing in creative mode, you can use the locate village command just like survival mode. However, it's also very easy to find a village due to the fact that you can fly in creative mode. If you don't like the looks of your nearest village, then you can always take flight and look for something that's more to your tastes.

Villages spawn with a wide range of sizes and configurations, and there's no guarantee that you will find any specific villager type in any given village. Since different types of villagers offer different trades, the nearest village might not have what you're looking for.

Regardless of your reason for looking for different villages, finding them in creative mode is similar to finding one in survival mode, except you can do it a whole lot faster. Start by flying in any direction, and make note of the biome type. If it isn't a biome that can have villages, then keep flying. When you locate a compatible biome, explore the edges and move inward methodically. If you don't see a village, move on and look for another compatible biome.

Using Your Seed to Find Villages in Minecraft

In Minecraft, every world is based on a seed, which is a number that the game uses to generate the world. If you use one seed to create more than one world, each version of the world will have the exact same starting state with biomes, ore, and things like villages in the same place. So if you start your world using a seed of a world that has a village located at the initial spawn location, you will spawn into a village right off the bad.

If you already have a world, you can also find the location of villages using your seed.

This method works with most versions of Minecraft. Check the Chunkbase Village Finder to make sure your version is listed.

Here's how to find villages in Minecraft using your seed:

Find your seed.

In Java Edition: Use the /seed command.In Bedrock Edition: Look at the world options screen.

Navigate to using the web browser of your choice.

Set your version of Minecraft in the drop down box.

Enter your seed, and check at the graph to find the coordinates of villages.

You can consult the key to find specific types of villages.