How to Find Friends' Birthdays on Facebook 2022


What to Know

Check your notifications for birthday alerts.Click Friends > Birthdays to see upcoming birthdays.Check your friend's Contact and Basic Info for their birthday details.

This article teaches you how to find birthdays on Facebook, whether you're using the desktop version of Facebook, using the Facebook app, or the Facebook mobile website. 

How to See Facebook Birthday Notifications on Facebook Website

If you want to know when a Facebook friend's birthday is, there are plenty of different methods to find out. Here's a look at the simplest method first.

Go to


You may need to log in first.

Look to the right-hand side to see if the Birthdays tab is displayed. 

If it's someone's birthday today, you'll receive a notification here to let you know.

Click on it to send them a birthday message. 

How to Find Birthdays on Facebook Website

If the birthday isn't in the Birthdays tab or you know it's on a different day, it's simple to find whose birthday is coming up. Here's how to find birthdays listed on Facebook.

Go to

Click your name.

Click Friends.

Click Birthdays.

Look through the list of friends to see whose birthday is coming up.

How to Find a Specific Friend's Birthday on Facebook Website

If you're looking to find a specific friend's birthday on Facebook, it's fairly simple to find under their profile information. Here's what to do.

Go to

Click your name.

Click Friends.

Type your friend's name in the search bar.

Click their name when it comes up in the results.

Click About.

Click Contact and Basic Info.

Their birthday is displayed here.


If it's not listed, that means your friend has chosen not to display their birthday publicly.

How to See Birthdays on Facebook App

Use the Facebook app on your phone rather than the desktop website? Here's how to see birthdays on the Facebook app within a few simple steps.

Open the Facebook app.

Tap Notifications.

Check to see if any birthdays are listed under the notifications for today.

Tap on the notification to wish that person a happy birthday or to see other upcoming birthdays.

Keep scrolling through the list to see birthdays for the coming year ahead. 

How to Find Birthdays on the Facebook Mobile Website

The Facebook mobile website isn't as easy to use as the Facebook app, but if you don't wish to download the app, it is possible to find birthdays through it. Here's the best method to do so.


We strongly recommend you use the Facebook app as it offers much more functionality than the mobile website.

Go to on your mobile browser.

Tap the search icon.

Type in the name of the person whose birthday you wish to check.

Tap See name's About info.

The person's birthday should be listed below unless they've chosen to hide that information.