How to Get a Clubhouse Invite 2022


What to Know

Find someone who is a part of the Clubhouse community with an invite to spare. A user receives two invites after they sign up.Or, join the Clubhouse waitlist, which may take a while since there's no confirmed launch date. You can also ask on social media.The Clubhouse app is currently iOS only. You need an iOS device to accept a Clubhouse invitation.

This article explains three ways to obtain an invitation to the audio social networking app Clubhouse. These methods include knowing someone with an available invite, joining the Clubhouse waitlist, and asking via social media.

You Need to Know Someone

The new and exclusive social media app Clubhouse calls itself a "space for casual, drop-in audio conversations." But the reality is not just anyone can "drop-in." At least, not yet. Clubhouse is still in beta and, for the time being, is available only to those who receive an invite.

The most straightforward way to get a Clubhouse invitation is to know a Clubhouse member who can invite you. New users can send two invites to access the service.

The Clubhouse user selects the Envelope icon on the app to send an invitation, then enters your phone number in the Invite a phone # box.

Alternatively, if the Clubhouse user allowed Clubhouse to access their phone contacts, they can tap Invite next to your name in the Contacts list.

After the Clubhouse user invites someone, the app generates a text asking them to join the service. After the invitee accepts the Clubhouse invitation, they can start using the app and are automatically a follower of the user who invited them.

Join the Waitlist

The second option, joining the Clubhouse waitlist, is less dependent on knowing the right people, but it takes longer. Even without a friend's invitation, you can download the Clubhouse app and join the waitlist. Clubhouse won't tell you what place you're in or how long you can expect to wait. In addition to saving you a spot, this option reserves your username when you obtain an invite.

Ask a Friend (or Stranger)

If you don't know anyone with an invite to spare and don't want to wait, ask around. While some individuals sell invites (something that may or may not be against the Clubhouse community guidelines), others have extra invitations to spare.

Go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another social platform, and compose a post asking if anyone has an invite available. Add the hashtag #Clubhouse. This method isn't guaranteed to work, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

How to Join Clubhouse With an Invite

After you receive an elusive Clubhouse invite, the next step is to sign up and log in so you can create your profile, follow the topics that interest you, and create and join rooms.

How to Use the Clubhouse App