How to Get Ethereal Charms in Destiny 2 2022


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This article covers how to get Ethereal Charms in Destiny 2, find the Temple of Crota, and complete the Essence of Greed quest to obtain A Fine Memorial.

Information in this article applies to Destiny 2 for all platforms, including PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. You must also own the Forsaken expansion pack to complete the Essence of Greed quest.

How to Find Ethereal Charms

The Ethereal Charms are in the Temple of Crota on the Moon.

Locate the Temple of Crota and go through the entrance. If you've been here before, you can just run past the enemies.

Once inside, keep going straight ahead until you fall down to the floor below.

Hang left and continue forward until you get to a gap, then jump to the other side.

Go down the stairs. If you've unlocked the Essence of Greed, a marker will appear leading the way.

When you get to a room with a large structure in the middle, go left and head to the back of the room.

Search the pile of rubble in the back-left corner to find the Ethereal Charms.

The Ethearal Charms will not appear until you unlock the Essence of Greed quest.

How to Get to the Temple of Crota

The entrance to the Temple of Crota is in an unmarked location on the Moon. Land near the Sanctuary and head northeast. Once you reach the Anchor of Light, follow the narrow path to the right until you reach the entrance.

How to Complete the Essence of Greed

As you defeat Nightmares and powerful Hive enemies on the Moon, you'll unlock Essence quests. Once you get the Essence of Greed, you must meet the following requirements to cleanse it and reap the reward:

Complete patrols, events, or Lost Sectors on the MoonDefeat 50 enemies using a machine gunObtain the Ethereal Charms in the Temple of Crota

Essences drop in random order, so keep participating in public events and other missions on the Moon until you unlock the Essence of Greed.

Where to Find A Fine Memorial

After you meet all of the requirements, go to the Lectern of Enchantment to cleanse the Essence of Greed. Your reward is A Fine Memorial, a heavy machine gun with a large magazine capacity.