How to Hide Purchased Songs and Albums in iCloud 2022


Have you got songs and albums in your iTunes library that you regret buying? Or older music you would rather not see anymore? When browsing your music library it's not always convenient to see every song and album you've purchased from the iTunes Store. As you probably know, these can be deleted from your computer or iOS device, but they will still be displayed (as downloadable from iCloud).

Currently, there's no way to permanently delete them in iCloud, but you can hide them. This process is also reversible too, so you can 'unhide' the content you previously didn't want to see.

At the time of writing, you can only do this via the iTunes software so you'll need to use your Mac or PC. This facility isn't that easy to find unless you've already spotted it, so read through the step-by-step tutorial below to see how.

Hiding Songs and Albums in iCloud Using iTunes

Launch the iTunes software program on your computer (PC or Mac).

If you aren't already in store view mode, click on the iTunes Store button near the top right-hand side of the screen.

In the Quick Links menu (right-hand side of screen), click on the Purchased link. If you aren't already logged into your iTunes account then you will need to sign in. Enter your Apple ID, password, and then click the Sign In button.

To hide a complete album, ensure you are in album view mode and then hover your mouse pointer over the offending item. Click on the X icon that appears at the top left-hand corner of the album art.

If you want to hide a single song, switch to song view mode and hover your mouse pointer over the item. Click on the X icon that appears on the right-hand side.

After you have clicked on an X icon (in steps 5 or 6), a dialog box will pop-up asking if you want to hide the item. Click the Hide button to remove it from the list.

Tips for Hiding Songs and Albums in iTunes

If you don't see the song or album that you want to hide (steps 5 and 6), then click the All button which will list all songs in iCloud (not just the ones you have downloaded to your computer's iTunes library).As well as hiding music you can also conceal movies, TV shows, apps, and books. Just use the tabs near the top of the Purchased screen to change the type of content.If you need to unhide a purchase then go into your account screen, scroll down to the iTunes in iCloud section and then click the Manage link next to the Hidden Purchases option.