How to Invite Friends to Clubhouse 2022


What to Know

On the main Clubhouse tab, tap the envelope icon at the top. Enter a phone number to send a direct invitation to someone.Or, allow Clubhouse to access your contacts, then invite a contact. (This choice lets Clubhouse access all your contacts.)Clubhouse generates a text invitation to be sent to your invitee. When they accept the invite, they appear as a follower.

Clubhouse is currently an invite-only audio social network. Although anyone can download the app and reserve a username, they must be invited by an active Clubhouse user before setting up an account.

The Clubhouse app gives you the option of uploading your contacts or inviting people directly by entering a phone number.

How to Send a Clubhouse Invite

If you've been invited to Clubhouse and have successfully set up your account, you can send up to two invites to two other people.


Clubhouse is only available on iOS at this time, so consider inviting people who have an iOS device.

On the main tab, tap the envelope icon at the top of the screen.

To invite someone without allowing Clubhouse to access your contacts, enter the person's phone number.

If you allowed Clubhouse to access your contacts, search for a contact or scroll until you find someone you want to invite, then tap Invite next to their name.

Allowing Clubhouse to access your contacts list gives the app access to all your contacts, even those you haven't invited to Clubhouse. If you have privacy concerns, consider inviting contacts directly via their phone number.

When you invite someone, your Messages app opens with a default text message to send. Optionally, customize the message the way you want, then tap Send.

Wait for your invitee to accept your invitation. They appear as one of your followers after they join.


Tap the envelope icon on the main tab followed by See Pending Invites to see who has or hasn't accepted your invitation. Optionally tap Send Reminder beside any invitee's name to send them a reminder text message.

More About Clubhouse Invites

You can't cancel or revoke an invite after it's been sent. Clubhouse recommends asking contacts whether they're interested in joining. It may also be worth confirming you have the correct phone number in your contacts before sending someone an invite.

If you sent an invite, but the invitee never received your text, the invite is still valid, and the invitee can still join. Clubhouse pre-approves the phone number when you tap Invite next to a contact. The text is a notification.

To accept the invite, the invitee must download the app, tap Have an invite text? Sign in at the bottom of the screen, and enter their phone number. As long as the phone number matches the invitation phone number, the invitee should have no problem setting up their account.

If your invitee can't set up their Clubhouse account, contact Clubhouse support and include your name, the invitee's name, the invitee's phone number, and screenshots of the errors received by either you or the invitee.