How to Make a Splash Potion in Minecraft 2021


The Splash Potion in Minecraft is actually a modification of any other potion in the game rather than being a standalone item. Any potion can be turned into a Splash Potion, and doing so allows you to throw it instead of drinking it. All you need is a potion that you want to be able to throw instead of drink, a Brewing Stand, and some Gunpowder from a Creeper.

Instructions in this article apply to Minecraft on all platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

Ingredients You'll Need to Make a Splash Potion

Since you can turn any potion into a Splash Potion, the required ingredients will vary depending on the type of splash potion you want to make. This example will specifically show how to make a Splash Potion of Poison. If you don't have a potion yet, you can make a Poison Potion with a Water Bottle, Netherwart, and a Spider Eye.

Here's what you need if you want to make a splash potion:

A Crafting Table (crafted with four Wood Planks)A Brewing Stand (crafted with one Blaze Rod and three Cobblestone)Blaze powder (crafted from a Blaze Rod)Gunpowder (dropped by Creepers)A potion of your choice

How to Make a Splash Potion

Once you've assembled all the ingredients you need, you're ready to craft a Splash Potion. Here's how to do it:

Craft a Crafting Table by placing four Wood Planks in the basic crafting interface.

Place the Crafting Table.

Using the basic crafting interface or Crafting Table, craft Blaze Powder by placing a Blaze Rod in the interface.

Open the Crafting Table interface, and place three Cobblestone in the middle row with a single Blaze Rod in the middle of the top row. This will create a Brewing Stand.

Place the Brewing Stand on the ground, and open the brewing interface.

You open the brewing interface the same way you open the Crafting Table interface or open a chest.

Add Blaze Powder to the upper left box in the brewing interface.

Add your potion to one of the three bottom boxes in the brewing interface.

This example uses a Poison Potion, but you can use any potion you like.

Add Gunpowder to the top middle box in the brewing interface.

Wait for the process to finish.

Move the Splash Potion into your inventory.

How to Use a Splash Potion

Splash Potions work like other consumable items in Minecraft, in that you use one by moving it from your inventory to your hotbar and then use it. Instead of drinking the potion, you throw it in the direction that you are aiming at the time.

Here's how to use a Splash Potion in Minecraft:

Select a Splash Potion, and move it from your inventory to your hotbar.

Select the Splash Potion as your active item.

Aim at a mob if you're using an offensive potion, or at the ground if you're using a beneficial potion.

Press the Use key or button.

Windows 10 and Java Edition: Right click.Pocket Edition (PE): Tap to use the potion.PlayStation: Press the L2 button.Xbox: Press the LT button.Nintendo: Press the ZL button.

You will see a swirl effect if the potion works.