How to Manage Edge Notifications 2022


What to Know

Edge will ask you for permission to send notifications from individual sites by default.Navigate to Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Notifications and turn off the toggle to disable all notification requests.Navigate to Settings > Cookies and site permissions > All sites to set notification settings for individual websites.

This article explains how to manage Edge notifications, including enabling and disabling notifications in Microsoft Edge. Most of these instructions pertain to Edge for both Windows 10 and macOS. Mobile instructions are provided in the final section.

How to Disable All Notifications in Microsoft Edge

By default, Edge will ask you whenever a site requests permission to send notifications. This setting allows you to have complete control over which sites get notification permission. If you prefer not to see these requests and block all notification requests by default, you can disable all Edge notifications.

Open Edge and click the menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the window's upper right corner.

Click Settings.

Click Cookies and site permissions.

Scroll down to the All permissions section, and click Notifications.

Click the toggle to the right of Ask before sending (recommended).

When the toggle is no longer blue, all sites are blocked from sending notification requests.

To start allowing notification requests again, click the toggle so that it turns blue.

How to Block or Allow Specific Sites From Sending Notifications

If you want to block a few specific sites or allow a few, Edge makes it easy. You can do this from the same site permissions page as where you can toggle notifications on and off as a whole.

Navigate to Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Notifications, or just enter edge://settings/content/notifications in the URL bar.

To block a specific site, click Add in the block section.

Type the URL of the site you want to block, and click Add.

To allow notifications from a specific site, click Add in the allow section.

Type the URL of the site you want to be able to send notifications, and click Add.

How to Manage Edge Notifications

Edge also keeps track of the specific permissions that you have granted to each site that you visit. For example, it will remember if you have allowed a website to access your webcam or permitted it to send notifications.

If you've accidentally permitted some sites to send notifications, but you're unsure which ones, this method will be applicable. It provides a list of all websites with permissions, providing you with easy access to sites you have either allowed to or blocked from sending notifications.

Here's how to manage your existing Edge notification permissions:

Navigate to Settings > Cookies and site permissions, or just enter edge://settings/content into the Edge URL bar.

Click All sites.

Locate the site you want to either grant or forbid permission to send notifications and click the right-facing arrow symbol located to the right of the site URL.

Click the drop-down box to the right of Notifications.

Click Ask if you want the site to ask to send notifications, Allow to allow the site to send them, or Block to prevent the site from asking or sending alerts.

How to Manage Edge Notifications on Mobile Devices

Edge's Android version gives you similar control over notifications and even has a similar navigational structure to find the notification settings, but it is a little different. The iOS version does not include native push settings, but you can set iPhone push settings and iPad push settings globally.

Here's how to manage notifications in Edge on your Android device:

Open the Edge browser on your mobile device, and tap the menu icon (three horizontal dots) at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Settings.

Tap Site permissions.

Tap Notifications.

To block all notifications, tap the Notifications toggle.

When the notifications toggle is no longer blue, all notification requests will be blocked.

You can also manage notification settings for individual sites here by tapping the site you want to manage.