How to Manually Add Song Lyrics in iTunes 2022


Song lyrics can be saved in your Music library as metadata, just like song title, artist, album, and genre information. However, there is a high probability that not all songs in your library include lyrical information.

If, for example, you have ripped tracks from audio CDs using iTunes (now called "Music"), then you will likely need to add lyrics to the metadata information. You can do this with iTunes' built-in editor or a dedicated tag editing program.

How to Manually Add Lyrics in iTunes (or the macOS Music App)

Media players like iTunes often don't have an 'out of the box' solution for automatically tagging lyrical data. To add this functionality, you need to use third-party software or download a lyrics plugin.

Alternatively, you can use Music's built-in metadata editor and find the words for your favorite songs by using lyrics websites. These often have searchable databases you can use to find particular songs. The lyrics can then be copied from your browser's screen and pasted into the lyrics metadata field in Music.

You will likely need to consult a lyrics database. Popular websites with thousands of searchable song lyrics include MetroLyrics, SongLyrics, A-Z Lyrics Universe, and others. Alternatively, you can do a web search for a particular song followed by the word "lyrics."

Follow these steps to manually add lyrics to the songs in your Music library.

Open iTunes (or the Music app) on your device and navigate to your music library.

Select a song and open the track info. You can access the info window by right-clicking the track and selecting Get Info, or by selecting Song > Info... from the menu bar. In Windows you an right click the song and choose Song Info.

Select the Lyrics tab. If the song you selected does not presently have any lyrics, you will see a blank window with the text No Lyrics Available.

Select the Custom Lyrics checkbox. The empty window will turn to a text field.

Switch to your web browser and navigate to the lyrics database or resource of your choice.

Copy the song lyrics to the clipboard. Highlight the song lyrics by clicking and dragging your cursor over the text, then copy it to the clipboard. To copy the text, right-click the highlighted text and select Copy, or select Edit > Copy from the menu bar.

Use a keyboard shortcut to copy text:

On a PC, hold down the CTRL key and press C.On a Mac, hold down the Command key and press C.

Return to the Music app and paste the copied text into the Lyrics text field. Right-click anywhere in the text field and select Paste, or select Edit > Paste from the menu bar.

Use a keyboard shortcut to paste text.

On a PC, hold down the CTRL key and press V.On a Mac, hold down the Command key and press V.

Click OK to update the song's lyric metadata.

Next time you sync your iPod, iPhone, or iPad, you will be able to follow the words on-screen without having to hum along!