How to Modify Chromebook Keyboard Settings 2022


It's possible to adjust your Chromebook keyboard settings to your liking. You can assign custom behaviors to specific keys and change the language settings.

Instructions in this article apply to laptops with Chrome OS.

How Is a Chromebook Keyboard Different?

The layout of a Chromebook keyboard is similar to that of a Windows laptop, with a few exceptions.

On a Chromebook keyboard, there's a Search key where the Caps Lock key would be on a Windows PC.On many keyboards, the top row of keys is reserved for the function keys (such as F1 and F2). On a Chromebook, these keys serve as shortcuts for actions such as controlling the volume and refreshing the active web page.

If you prefer a traditional layout, customize the Chromebook keyboard so that it closely resembles what you're used to.

You can use a USB keyboard with a Chromebook, but keys that aren't on the Chromebook keyboard won't work.

How to Change Chromebook Keyboard Settings

To customize the Chromebook keyboard, follow these steps:

Select the taskbar in the lower-right corner of the desktop, then select the Settings gear to open the Chromebook settings in the Chrome browser.

Select Device from the left menu pane, then select Keyboard.

From here, you can change the function of certain keys. For example, select the Ctrl drop-down menu and choose one of the options listed.

Changes take effect immediately. If you reassign a key, it remains reassigned until you change it.

Select Treat top-row keys as function keys if you want to enable function keys.

To toggle between shortcut and function behavior, press and hold the Search key.

Select Enable auto-repeat to toggle the auto-repeat function, which repeats the key that is held down multiple times until you let go. Use the sliders below to specify how long the delay should be before repeating each keypress, as well as the repeat rate.

Select View keyboard shortcuts to see a list of all Chromebook shortcuts. You cannot modify shortcuts, but these shortcuts are useful to know.

Select Change language and input settings.

Select Input method to set the default language and change the keyboard layout. There are also advanced spell check options.