How to Monitor Your Blood Pressure With the Apple Watch 2021


What to Know

The only medically accurate way to get a blood pressure reading is to stop blood flow with an inflatable blood pressure cuff and app. To monitor blood pressure, put on the cuff, open the app, tap Start, and view the blood pressure reading.

This article explains how to monitor your blood pressure with an Apple Watch and a third-party blood pressure device.

What's Needed to Monitor Your Blood Pressure

Some Apple Watch health-related features include fall detection, heart-rate monitoring, sleep tracking, fertility tracking, noise alerts, and much more. Your Apple Watch can help measure and track your blood pressure only with the help of a medically validated, connected blood pressure monitor.

When looking for a reputable blood pressure device, make sure it's been certified by the FDA. A device checked out by the FDA is more likely to perform accurate health readings. Also, make sure the device is compatible with the Apple Watch and Apple's Health app so you can get the most out of the health data you collect.

Third-Party Blood Pressure Devices

While there are many blood-pressure devices on the market, some work well with the Health app on iPhones and Apple Watches.


Omron has numerous upper-arm blood pressure monitors, such as the Omron 10 Series, which connects to an iPhone via Bluetooth and can then be used on an Apple Watch through the Apple Health app. It runs about $100.


The QardioArm connects to the Qardio App, which can fully integrate with Apple Health. This monitor performs standard blood pressure readings and offers a few advanced features, such as triple measurement and geotracking, so you can see how your blood pressure changes at work, at home, or on vacation. It's also about $100.

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How to Read Blood Pressure Using an Apple Watch

This example uses a QardioArm wireless blood pressure device to demonstrate how you can take a reading directly from your Apple Watch.

Download the Qardio iOS app from the App Store and register for an account.

Fit the QardioArm around your arm.

With the Qardio app open, touch your phone to the QardioArm. Accept the pairing request when it pops up.

The Qardio watch app should have installed on your watch when you installed it on your iPhone. Check if it's there by pressing the Digital Crown and looking through the watch apps.

Open the Qardio watch app, then tap Start to initiate a blood pressure reading.

You can now see your blood pressure reading.

Once you have a device to take your blood pressure, such as the QardioArm, try out some other Apple Watch apps that can monitor and display your blood pressure information, such as Heart Habit, iBP blood pressure, or SmartBP.