How to Mute Yourself on Clubhouse 2023


What to Know

When you join an existing room in Clubhouse, you are a Listener and muted by default.If you are a Listener and want to unmute yourself, raise your hand to speak. The Moderator can then unmute you if they choose.If you are a Moderator or Speaker, mute and unmute yourself by tapping the microphone icon.

This article explains how to mute and unmute yourself in the Clubhouse app. Your ability to speak in a Clubhouse room depends on your role and if someone invites you to speak.

About Muting, Unmuting, and Clubhouse Roles

Clubhouse is an audio, social app, so obviously, you'll be listening to other users speak. But what if you have something valuable to add to the conversation? Your ability to talk in one of the Clubhouse rooms you join depends on your role. So let's go through these roles briefly to get started.

Moderator: When you start a Clubhouse room, you are the Moderator. You are the one speaking and can add, remove, and mute others in the room. If you are a Moderator, you can mute and unmute yourself.

You can start a room that's open to everyone, those you follow, or people you choose.

Speaker: The Moderator and the first user to enter the stage in a room are automatically Speakers. If you are a Speaker, you can mute and unmute yourself.

Listener: If you join a Clubhouse room in progress, you are a Listener. Your microphone is muted by default. If you wish to speak, you can raise your hand with the icon at the bottom. If you are invited to speak, you'll then become a Speaker and can mute and unmute yourself. 

How to Mute and Unmute Yourself in Clubhouse

Now that you know how speaking in a room works in Clubhouse, it's easy to mute and unmute yourself when needed.

If you are a Moderator or Speaker, mute yourself by tapping the microphone icon on the bottom right.

That icon will then display a red line through it. This is your indicator that you're muted.

To unmute yourself, tap the microphone icon once more. This will remove the red line and you're ready to speak again.

If you see the microphone icon with a red line through it on someone's profile icon in a room, they are muted.

Follow the Clubhouse Etiquette

Before you speak in the app, it's good to review the Clubhouse Community Guidelines. Proper etiquette by users in a social app is important to its success. You can review this document in the Clubhouse app or online. 

In the Clubhouse app, tap your profile icon on the top right and then the gear icon. Select Community Guidelines.

To read the Clubhouse Community Guidelines online, visit the Clubhouse website and select Guidelines at the bottom.

If you're new to Clubhouse and would like to ask friends or coworkers to join you, check out our article on how to invite friends to Clubhouse.