How to Pair Wireless Earbuds to Your Phone 2023


In a world of disappearing headphone jacks, it's important to be able to use your headphones effectively. Whether you're listening to music, taking in a podcast, or watching video, Bluetooth is a great way to go. With the recent explosion of true wireless earbuds, it's important to know how to pair wireless earbuds with your phone. This article covers how to do that on both iOS and Android devices.

There are a lot of great true wireless earbuds out there. Their main draw is the freedom from wires. Battery life is getting really good as well. So, if you've taken the plunge and picked up a set, it's time to pair them up with your device.

How to Pair Bluetooth Earbuds

The first step in pairing your Bluetooth earbuds with your phone comes from the earbuds themselves. You need to put them into pairing mode. Unfortunately, there isn't one standard way to put your earbuds into pairing mode. You'll want to consult your manual or quick start guide. The various ways to put your earbuds into pairing mode include (in descending order from most common to most rare):

Remove the earbuds from the charging case.Press and hold the power button.Open the charging case.Remove the earbuds from the charging case and put them back in.Press the pairing button on the charging case.Press the pairing button on the earbuds.

Usually, when the earbuds are in pairing mode, you'll see a blinking light. Then, it's time to start the pairing procedure on your device. 

How to Link Wireless Earbuds on Android

As with many things in Android, the process can vary slightly, but most of the time you'll follow these steps:

Swipe down the Notifications shade.

Press and hold the Bluetooth icon in the top row of icons.

If you cannot get to the menu by long-pressing on the Bluetooth icon, you can also navigate there by going to Settings > Network > Bluetooth.

First, make sure Bluetooth is turned On. There will be a toggle switch at the top of the menu. Then, scroll to the bottom of the Bluetooth list and you'll see a list of available devices. Tap on the device you want to pair. 

Tap Pair.

Once you're successfully paired, the device will move to the top of the list and indicate that the device is ready. Often, the earbuds themselves will give an audio cue that the pairing was successful.

Pairing Wireless Earbuds on iOS

On iOS, the process is slightly different.

Open Settings > Bluetooth.

Ensure that Bluetooth is on indicated by a green toggle at the top. If so, iOS will automatically search for nearby devices. Tap the earbuds when the phone locates them.

Tap Pair.

When the device successfully pairs, it will move to My Devices, and you're all set!