How to Re-Download Apps From the Mac App Store 2022


The Mac App Store makes buying and installing Mac apps an easy and centralized process. It will both download a program to your Mac and start the installation process. It also keeps track of which apps you have purchased and which are currently installed on your Mac.

If you've had an installation issue or deleted an app, you can download it again from the App Store.

Instructions in this article apply to Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.6) and later.

How to Re-Download an App From the Mac App Store

Go to your Purchased page in the App Store to re-download a program you've already installed. Here's how.

Open the App Store by selecting it under the Apple menu or clicking its icon in the Dock.

Click your name on the App Store opening screen to open your account page.

Your name and picture may appear in different places on the screen depending on the version of macOS you're running.

If you're using Family Sharing, select your name from the drop-down menu next to Purchased by.

Click the Download button (the cloud with the down arrow) next to any app to re-download the app.

Your Apple ID carries the license for any program you buy from the Mac App Store. Along with re-downloading the app on your original Mac, you can sign in from any other computer you own and download it there, too.

Mac App Store FAQs

Here are some more things to keep in mind when you're navigating the App Store.

You can delete and re-download an app as long as it's available. A program becomes unavailable if its developer removes it from the App Store.If you have technical issues with an app, you should contact the developer first. If the developer can't resolve the issues, contact Apple.You can use iTunes gift cards to purchase apps from the Mac App Store. Apple Store gift cards can only be used at Apple retail stores.All apps download to the /Applications folder.Apps you purchase from the Mac App Store don't require activation or registration numbers.