How to Remove New Tab Shortcuts in Google Chrome 2022


What to Know

To get rid of all of them, open a new tab and click Customize > Shortcuts, and toggle on Hide shortcuts.To delete one, hover over a shortcut on the new tab page, and click the three-dot menu icon that appears. Select Remove.You can also remove shortcuts by clearing your Chrome browsing history.

This article explains how to hide and delete shortcuts on Chrome's new tab page and add custom shortcuts.

How to Hide New Tab Shortcuts

When you open a new tab page in Chrome, you'll see shortcuts to websites you frequently visit under the search bar. If you don't want those to appear, your best bet is to hide them. Here's how.

Open a new tab in Chrome.

Click Customize on the lower right.

Click Shortcuts.

Toggle on Hide shortcuts.

Now when you open a new tab, you'll see not much more than the Google search bar.

How to Delete Shortcuts

If you like having the shortcuts on the new tab page, you can remove any that you no longer want to show up. You can only delete one shortcut at a time. 

Open a new tab in Chrome.

Hover over a shortcut and click the three-dot menu icon.

Select Remove.

You'll see a notification that the shortcut was removed. Click Undo to restore it. Click Restore default shortcuts to bring back all of them.

Clear Your Browsing History

Another way to get rid of the new tab shortcuts is by clearing your browser history. 

From a new Chrome tab page in Windows, press Control + Shift + Delete to open settings. On a Mac, press Command + Shift + Delete. 

Tick off Browsing history if it's not already. Choose a time range from the drop-down menu; the default is the last 24 hours. Click Clear Data.

Clearing your browsing history will delete all the shortcuts on the new tab page, though new ones will appear as you surf the web.

How to Add Custom Shortcuts

Chrome offers two options if you want to see shortcuts on the new tab page: My shortcuts and Most visited sites. The latter option is automatically updated based on your browser history.

You can add as many custom shortcuts to your favorite websites to the new tab page as you want. To display your custom shortcuts, open a new tab, and click Customize > Shortcuts > My shortcuts.

Click Add shortcut on the new tab page.

Input a name and URL, then click Done.

The shortcut will now appear on your new tab page.