How to Reset a Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker 2022


If your Fitbit Alta or Alta HR refuses to sync, won't turn on, or isn't responding to your taps, it may be time for a reset. If you know how to reset your Fitbit Alta, you can resolve most of these issues and won't lose your data.

These instructions apply to the Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Alta HR. The steps for resetting other Fitbit activity trackers are a little different.

How to Reset a Fitbit Alta or Alta HR Activity Tracker 

Resetting your Fitbit Alta only takes a few seconds. All you need is your charging cable and Fitbit Alta.

Plug the charging cable into your Fitbit Alta.

Press the small round button on the base of the charging cable three times within the span of a few seconds. After the third press, you will see the Fitbit logo appear and the Fitbit will restart.


Your Fitbit should now be working normally.

Why Reset a Fitbit Alta or Alta HR?

Like rebooting your laptop or PC, restarting your Fitbit Alta can help resolve many common troubleshooting issues without any loss of data. Resetting a Fitbit Alta is quick and easy to do, and will help to fix the following issues:

Your Fitbit isn't syncingYour Fitbit isn't responding to your button presses, taps, or swipesYour Fitbit is charged but won't turn onYour Fitbit isn't tracking your steps or other stats

The Difference Between a Restart and a Factory Reset

Resetting a Fitbit Alta is not the same as doing a factory reset. A factory reset will remove apps, stored data, personal information, and credit/debit cards (for Fitbit Pay-enabled devices). Factory resetting is only available on the following models:

Fitbit: Ace 2 and Inspire SeriesFitbit Aria 2Fitbit Charge 3Fitbit Ionic and Versa SeriesFitbit Flyer

How to Erase the Data on Your Fitbit Alta or Alta HR

With the Fitbit Alta, there is no factory reset option. Instead, your data is automatically erased when it's paired to a new account. Alternatively, you can erase your tracking data by removing the device from your account.

How to Remove Your Fitbit Alta or Alta HR from Your Account

Removing your Fitbit Alta from your account will erase your tracking history. To preserve this data, be sure to do a Data Export before or after removing your device.

If you want to save your data, be sure to do a Data Export from your Dashboard menu before or after you remove the device. Fitbit will send you an email with instructions on how to complete the data export.

Go to the Fitbit website and log into your account.

From the Fitbit dashboard, select the gear in the upper-right corner and select your Alta Tracker.

At the bottom of the page, select Remove this Alta from your account.