How to Restart a Chromebook 2022


Chromebooks are generally reliable devices that don't need a lot of coddling. Still, you may want to restart your Chromebook to apply software updates or resolve issues like a frozen Chromebook. Here are safe ways to restart a Chromebook as well as how to perform a hard reset if your Chromebook malfunctions.

This process may differ slightly depending on your Chromebook model, but the general method will be similar.

How to Restart a Chromebook

Here's a quick and easy way to restart your Chromebook. If your Chromebook encounters any minor issues, such as struggling to connect to Wi-Fi, this method should help resolve those issues.

Find the Power key on the keyboard, most likely in the upper-right corner.

Some devices, such as those with a tablet mode, may have the key in a different location.

Press and hold the Power key for about two seconds until the screen goes dark.

If a Power Off option appears, select that instead.

Press the Power key again to boot up the Chromebook.

Restart to Update a Chromebook

If your Chromebook downloaded an update to its software, restart the device to apply the update. Use the following steps to make sure the update is successfully installed:

Click the notification panel to display the quick settings menu in the lower-right corner of the screen.

If an update is available and downloaded, you'll see a button that says Restart to Update. Select this button.

Wait for the Chromebook to shut down and power back up.

How to Hard Reset a Chromebook

If you have more serious issues with the hardware, a hard reset may solve the problem.

Performing a hard reset on your Chromebook may delete files from your Chromebook's Downloads folder. These files aren't recoverable, so make sure to download or back up the files you want to keep.

Press and hold the Power key until the Chromebook shuts down.

Locate the Refresh key. It looks like a circular arrow and should appear in the top row of the device's keyboard, next to the back and forward arrow keys.

Simultaneously press and hold the Refresh key and Power button. When the Chromebook starts, release the Refresh key.

For Chromebook tablets, press and hold the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds, and then release both buttons.