How to Sell Used Stereos Online 2022


In an age of music streaming via smartphones, Bluetooth, and Alexa-style home digital assistants, there are still audiophiles who prefer a stereo-style listening experience. But stereo components change quickly, and the receiver you bought a few years is likely out of date, replaced by a newer model with better features.

If you find yourself surrounded by used stereo components as you continually build a newer, better system, it's time to unload the old equipment and earn some cash to continue funding your enhanced audio experience. Here are some tips for selling old stereo equipment online.

It's a good idea to have photos of your equipment ready. Prepare photos of your used stereo equipment ahead of time to show potential buyers what your equipment looks like and what they can expect from your offerings.

Selling Used Stereos on eBay

eBay is a great place to sell lower and mid-range quality stereo systems and components. After you list your equipment, be prepared to answer questions promptly from interested buyers about the product and its condition.

Once the auction is over and the highest bidder has won the item, send an invoice to the buyer for the full amount of the sale, including shipping and handling costs. Once payment is received, ship the item to the buyer as promptly as possible.

Be sure to list each piece of equipment in the stereo setup you're selling, including details on control panels, specific types of speakers, and instruction manuals.

Selling Used Stereos on Craigslist

Craigslist is another great place to sell lower and mid-quality stereos and components and is an even better option for selling large or heavy items. Since Craigslist is a local online classified service, shipping costs aren't a concern.

Local pickup is fast and convenient, but be aware of scammers and hagglers. Follow Craigslist best practices, such as using a Craigslist-provided proxy email address, meeting up in public, and never meeting a buyer alone.

Specialty Online Sites

There are several online sites that specialize in used or vintage audio components. These sites can also serve as good sources of information about the value of your used stereo components, and you may even find the equipment you've been looking for. Some sites have additional resources, such as owner's manuals, service, accessories, and pricing guidelines about vintage stereo components.


StereoBuyers offers a fantastic, convenient system where users can request a quote, agree on an offer, and then StereoBuyers picks up the equipment. Check the list of brands and components the site buys (it doesn't buy amplifiers, speakers, or car stereos) and request a quote.

Classic Audio

Classic Audio sells all kinds of vintage audio equipment, from tuners to amplifiers and everything in between. It buys quality used equipment on a case-by-case basis. The site has a Wanted: Dead or Alive section listing hard-to-find equipment and parts it's looking for, so check it out to see if you're holding any sought-after components. Just for fun, check out Classic Audio's gallery of vintage audio ads and get a blast from the past.

Oak Tree Enterprises

Oak Tree Enterprises deals in used, vintage, new, and retro electronics, with an emphasis on stereo and Hi-Fi gear from the 1960s-80s. Vintage gear has been restored and refurbished both cosmetically and functionally. The site has a consignment/trading area where you can sell or trade your items; check the site to see if it's currently accepting such gear, as it can shut down temporarily due to high volume.

Audio Classics

Audio Classics earned the 2019 Dealer of the Year award for excellence in sales and service, and it's easy to see why looking at its vast array of audio systems and components. The site offers an audio trade-up exchange program and also buys some components for cash. The only hitch is that you need to bring in parts to the Audio Classics storefront in New York for appraisal. (The site does say pickup and delivery are possible, with restrictions.)