How to Set up a New Twitter Account 2021


What to Know

To create a Twitter account, go to the Twitter website on your internet browser, or download the Twitter app.Then, select Sign up or Create account. Enter the requested information, and then verify your account via text or email.Finally, select the camera icon to add a profile image. Continue personalizing by adding your bio, contacts, and interests.

This article explains how to join Twitter, set up your profile, and make your account private.

How to Create a New Twitter Account

To join Twitter from an internet browser or mobile app:

On your internet browser, go to the Twitter website and click Sign up.

On the Twitter app, tap Create account.

Enter your name, phone number or email, and date of birth. Then select Next.

Enable or disable the Track where you see Twitter content across the web option. Then select Next.

Select Sign up if your name, phone number or email, and date of birth are correct.

Enter the verification code from text or email. Then select Next.

Enter a new Password. Then select Next.

How to Complete Your Twitter Profile

At this point, you can go to the Twitter home page to access your account, or you can continue the setup process. Before you start following and tweeting, it's a good idea to finish setting up your profile so that it looks compelling enough for people to follow you back. You know, upload a profile image, or change your Twitter background to grab some attention.

The following items are optional. Select Skip for now or Not now if you want to add the information at a later time.

Select the camera icon to upload a profile image.

If necessary, reposition the image by moving it up or down. Resize it by adjusting the scale at the bottom of the pop-up box. Click Apply when you're finished.

If you are satisfied with your profile image selection, click Next.

Briefly describe yourself in the bio.

Select Upload contacts to import your Gmail or Outlook contacts, which Twitter can use to recommend followers that you know. If you don't want to do that, click Not now.

To personalize your Twitter experience, select your topics of interest. If you don't see a specific interest, search for it in the Search for interests bar.

Twitter interests to choose from:

MusicSportsGamingArts and cultureNewsEntertainmentHome and familyScienceMovies and TVTechnologyFashion and beautyTravel Outdoors Food CareersBusiness and financeParagraph anime and mangaFitnessOnly on Twitter

Based on your profile and interests, Twitter suggests pages for you to follow. Click Follow next to the pages you want to follow.

Click Allow notifications to enable notifications on your mobile device.

Twitter notifications include:

MentionsRepliesRetweetsLikesNew followersDirect MessagesYour contacts who join TwitterRecommendationsHighlightsNewsMomentsEmergency alertsNew featuresTweet notifications from accounts you follow

Add a Header Image to Your Profile

Twitter also allows you to add a background header image. The header image is larger than the profile photo, and it displays behind the profile photo.

To add a header image:

In a web browser, go to the home screen and click Profile in the left menu pane. On the mobile app, tap the three-lines menu icon, then choose Profile.

Select Edit profile under the header placeholder.

Select the camera icon in the center of the header placeholder, and then choose an image stored on your device.

If necessary, reposition the image by moving it up or down. Resize it by adjusting the scale at the bottom of the pop-up box. Click Apply when you finish.

You can also enter your location and website information in the Profile section.

How To Make Your Twitter Profile Private

Unlike other social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter accounts are made public by default. That means that anyone on the internet can see your profile details (such as location) and tweets.

If you want to make your Twitter profile private so that only users you approve can see your information, go to the left menu pane and select More. Then choose Settings and privacy. On the Settings page, select Privacy and safety and then choose Audience and tagging > Protect your Tweets.