How to Set Up a YouTube Music Premium Family Plan 2021


YouTube Music allows you to listen to music from thousands of musicians, bands, and YouTube Creators. The basic service is free to use, but you can access a lot of benefits by subscribing. If you opt to subscribe, you can then convert your YouTube Music Premium account into a family plan and share it with up to five other people.

What Do You Get With a YouTube Music Premium Family Plan?

When you set up a YouTube Music Premium family plan, you can share all of the benefits of YouTube Music Premium with up to five other people. Each person you invite to join your plan receives the following benefits:

Ad-free listening on YouTube MusicThe ability to download songs and music videosThe option to listen to YouTube Music in the background on supported mobile devices

Before you sign up, make sure that you don't already have access. If you have YouTube Premium, then you automatically have access to YouTube Music Premium.

Get Started With a YouTube Music Premium Family Plan

By default, YouTube Music Premium is designed for use by only one person. If you want to share it with additional people you need to first convert your YouTube Music Premium subscription into a YouTube Music Premium family subscription. After you have completed that task, you can invite up to five people to join your family plan.

These instructions assume that you already have a YouTube Music account and want to set it up as a YouTube Music Family account. If you don't have an account yet, you can go to the YouTube Music signup page, click family or student plan, and sign up directly for a YouTube Music Family plan.

Navigate to, and click GET FAMILY PLAN.

Click Upgrade.

This process will immediately upgrade your plan, and you will be charged to cover the increased cost. This charge applies even if you are currently taking advantage of a free trial.

Click Continue.

If you prefer to add family members later, you can click NOT NOW.

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite, and click SEND.

You can invite multiple people during this step if you like.

Click GOT IT.

Each person you invited will receive an invitation via email, and will be able to access YouTube Music Premium upon acceptance of the invitation.

How to Manage Sharing Your YouTube Music Premium Family Account

While you can add people to your family plan during the upgrade process, YouTube also allows you to add new people and also remove people from your account at any time.

If you switch to YouTube Premium Family in the future, the people you have added to your YouTube Music Premium account will automatically switch over. These people are also automatically added to your Google Family.

Navigate to, and click your profile icon in the upper right corner.

Click Paid memberships.

Locate YouTube Music in the list of your memberships, and click MANAGE MEMBERSHIP.

Locate Family sharing settings, and click EDIT.

Click invite family member if you want to add someone to your plan.

Enter the email address of the person you want to add, and click SEND.

If you instead want to remove someone from your plan, click their name on the YouTube Music Family Members page.

Click Remove Member.

Verify your identity if prompted, and then click REMOVE to finalize the process.